May 13, 2024
Access Bank Internet Banking
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Access Bank Internet Banking: Secure Online Banking Services

Access Bank Internet Banking, also known as Access Bank Online Banking or Web Banking, allows Access Bank customers to perform financial transactions over the internet through Access Bank’s secure website.

To use Access Bank Internet Banking, you must register with the bank online and create a login ID and password.

With Access Bank Internet Banking, customers can perform a wide range of financial transactions, including:

Paying bills
Transferring money from one account to another
Viewing account balances at any time of the day
Viewing or printing account statements
Applying for loans or cards

In fact, as an Access Bank customer, you can do almost any activity online with Access Bank’s Internet Banking channel that you would be able to do in person when visiting a branch, and even through the mobile app.

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Access Bank USSD Codes

Access Bank Internet Banking Services

Access Bank Internet Banking offers a range of services to its customers, including:

Account activity tracking
Bill payments
Money transfers
Online real-time access to account details
Confirmation of beneficiary name for money transfers
Flight booking
Management of cards and cheques
Quick transfer and airtime without login
Access Bank Internet Banking Login
Unlocking of devices
Movie and event tickets
Notification reception
Reset or change of PIN and password
User guide
Biometric login and authentication
Management of beneficiary
Request and hotlist of ATM cards
International (FX) transfer (Pounds, Dollar, Euro)
Customer service

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Access Bank Internet Banking App & APK

While there is no Access Bank Internet Banking app or APK, customers can access Access Bank Internet Banking through a web browser.

However, the Access Bank mobile app, called Access More App (for mobile banking), can be downloaded here.

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How to Register, Activate & Use Access Bank Internet Banking

To register for Access Bank Internet Banking, follow these steps and the instructions you see:

Go to your web browser or any device and type “”
Navigate to the Internet Banking (Individual) option on the page (Top right) and it will proceed to another page.
Next, click on “Sign up.”
The next page will require you to enter your valid Current/Saving Account number and click submit or continue.
You will then receive authentication details via email and SMS to your mobile phone number.
After which, you’ll need to enter the activation code sent to you. After doing this, click submit.
Next, you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose your ID, password, and secure image.

You’ll also need to accept the terms and conditions and click submit.
You can now log on and use Access Bank Online Banking.

What is the Token Code in Access Bank & How Do I Get a Token?

If you want to make a third-party transfer (transfers or transactions to another bank or third party that is not an Access Bank customer) via Access Bank Internet Banking or the online banking platform, you would need a token.

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A token is a personal security device that allows you to generate random numbers called “One-Time Password”.

With your Access Bank token, you can generate PINs for authenticating all transactions through your bank account.

When you send money from your Access account to another account or conduct any banking transaction online, you must enter your token PIN to approve the transaction before it can be completed.

Access Bank tokens can be used on Access Bank Internet Banking or on the mobile app as well.

Tokens offer higher-level security when conducting any transactions online.

To get your token from Access Bank, visit any Access Bank branch and make a request.


The transfer limit for Access Bank’s internet banking service is a cumulative total of N5 million per day and N1 million per transaction.

However, some Access Bank customers may have a lower transaction limit of N100,000 per transaction and a cumulative total of N1 million per day.

If a customer wishes to increase their transaction limit, they must visit an Access Bank branch.

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