May 16, 2024
Access Bank Sort Codes List for all Branches
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Access Bank Sort Codes: List of Sort Codes for all Branches in Nigeria

Access Bank has a significant presence in Nigeria, with numerous branches spread across the country.

To facilitate seamless financial transactions across these branches, the bank has implemented a system of sort codes.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Access Bank sort codes, their significance, and provide a list of sort codes for all branches in Nigeria.

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What Are Access Bank Sort Codes and Why Are They Important?

Sort codes are unique 9-digit numbers assigned to each bank branch to identify its location.

Access Bank sort codes are used to differentiate between Access Bank branches and enable effective communication between them.

Sort codes are essential for ensuring that financial transactions are processed accurately and efficiently.

When you move from the state where you opened your bank account to another state, the sort code identifies your previous Access Bank branch, making it easier to continue your financial transactions seamlessly.

Access Bank Sort Code Format

The Access Bank sort code is a 9-digit number, with the first 3 digits representing the bank’s general number.

All Access Bank sort codes begin with 044.

The fourth digit represents the Access Bank branch’s state, while the last five digits represent the branch’s location.

The sixth to eighth digits are the branch main code, which is unique to each branch within the same location.

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List of Access Bank Sort Codes for All Branches in Nigeria

The table below provides a comprehensive list of Access Bank sort codes for all branches in Nigeria.

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