May 14, 2024
"Angry Robot Reacts as Customer Blocks Its Pathway"
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  • A viral video showed a robot waiter getting annoyed with a customer who blocked his way at a restaurant
  • The video sparked humorous and serious reactions from social media users who commented on the robot’s personality
  • The video also triggered a debate about the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on various aspects of life

A video of a robot waiter named ‘Peanut’ getting upset with a customer in a restaurant went viral on social media.

The video showed a woman standing in the way of the robot waiter, and Peanut told her “Don’t block my way Please, I have to work otherwise I’ll be fired”.

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The robot talked to the customer verbally. Photo credit: @artificialtechnology Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok

The page captioned the video as “Artificial Intelligence Waitress Bot Gets very Upset”. The video was originally posted on TikTok by @artificialtechnology.

Watch the video below


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Peanut the robot waiter

Peanut is one of the robot waiters at the U & Me Revolving Hot Pot restaurant in Orlando, USA.

The restaurant has been using robots to serve customers for several years.

According to the restaurant’s website, the robots can deliver food to the tables, greet customers, and even sing birthday songs.

The video amused many social media users who left funny comments on the post.

Some users sympathized with Peanut and said he was just trying to make a living and avoid being fired. Some users joked that they would tip him well if they visited the restaurant. Some users expressed concern that robots are taking over human jobs and wondered if this was cute or scary.

The video also sparked a discussion about the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on various aspects of life and business.

Some users pointed out how fast-food restaurants are prime examples of where robots replace humans with their flawless and endless work ethic.

Some users shared their experiences of interacting with robots in different settings, such as hotels, airports, and stores.

The video of Peanut shows how robots are becoming more human-like and emotional, and how humans are becoming more attached and dependent on them.

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