February 26, 2024
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  • A mother has shared a video of her toddler engaging her in a serious question-and-answer session
  • In the hilarious video, the little girl wanted to understand why her mother was screaming in the middle of the night
  • Social media users have reacted massively to the video with many sharing their funny experiences with toddlers

A toddler has caused a frenzy online after questioning her mother about a sound she heard at night.

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In the funny clip, the little girl was curious to know what was making her mother scream at the top of her voice at night.

She went ahead to question if her mother was afraid last night and was trying to call for help.

When the woman responded, the curious toddler kept on asking his mother if she was okay.

The toddler’s mother replied that she was feeling okay and thanked her child for checking up on her.

“Were you afraid last night mama? Why were you screaming More! More? Are you okay mama?” she asked.

Social media reactions


“Mum was receiving anointing from dad.”

@kadzdorax said:

“Mummy was praying in tongues.”

@Famimi’s reacted:

“Okay ooh na only God know Wetin we Dey born this days.”

@Nana Buzanka commented:

“Baby don catch mama oo.”

@BB1 said:

“Mom you got to keep it down these kids are born ready.”

@lizzyvilakazi reacted:

“Answer mom, why were you screaming, we also want to know.”

@twannagriffy10 commented:

“It’s the demonstration on point for me.”

@MissBee86 commented:

“This grandmas we have given birth to.”

@MsHeatherMFutureSocialWorker commented:

“Lord I would be so embarrassed.”

Watch the video below:

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