September 27, 2023
Burna-Boy songs
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Burna Boy: a name that resonates with success, talent, and consistency in the Nigerian music industry. Since his explosive entry into the scene in 2012, this Afro-fusion singer with his iconic well-kept dreadlocks has captivated audiences worldwide. In this article, I will analyse some of the finest Burna Boy songs that have solidified his status as one of Nigeria’s most gifted musicians.

Best Burna Boy Songs

Common Person  by Burna Boy

In his latest track, “Common Person,” Burna Boy taps into his inner self, delivering a profoundly significant and factual message to humanity. Translated, the song conveys:

“I am an ordinary individual, Yet, I possess the power to find joy within. Every person holds a crucial role in this existence, And that does not diminish the significance of my own role.”

This is the kind of inspiration that becomes essential during challenging times, as we all inevitably face them. The song predominantly employs Pidgin English, while its accompanying video is set in a village. Even if you are unfamiliar with Pidgin, by watching the visuals and simply listening to the song, the message becomes crystal clear.

Tonight” by Burna Boy (2012)

Burna Boy’s early hit, “Tonight,” served as a stepping stone for his success in the music industry. Produced by the underrated LeriQ, this song embodies the spirit of Faaji, a Yoruba word for “enjoyment.” With its catchy beats and uplifting lyrics, “Tonight” is perfect for happy occasions and joyful ceremonies.

“Don Gordon” by Burna Boy (2014)

In “Don Gordon,” Burna Boy showcases his swagger and lyrical prowess. The dancehall-inspired single reveals his versatility as an artist, while the video takes the viewer on a party-filled journey from an elevator to the streets. This song is perfect for long drives during the summer, especially if you’re seeking an upbeat and engaging tune.

“Rock Your Body” by Burna Boy (2018)

With “Rock Your Body,” Burna Boy delves into his romantic side, surprising many of his fans. The song explores the excitement of new love and encourages bypassing the formalities to embrace the passionate connection between two individuals. Burna Boy’s low-toned vocals and the song’s infectious rhythm make it a standout hit.

“Money Play” by Burna Boy (2019)

For the hustlers out there, “Money Play” serves as an anthem. Burna Boy emphasizes the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving success while cautioning against letting money define one’s character. This catchy track delivers a powerful message wrapped in energetic beats that will make you want to move.

“Odogwu” by Burna Boy (2020)

After missing out on the Grammys, Burna Boy released “Odogwu” to assert his own greatness. The title, meaning “Champion” in Igbo, highlights his cultural pride and showcases his ability to transform any story into a musical masterpiece. This song demonstrates Burna Boy’s versatility and highlights his talent for creating captivating visuals.

“On the Low” by Burna Boy (2018)

In a departure from his usual style, Burna Boy sings about love and devotion in “On the Low.” This soulful track captures the essence of longing for someone special and showcases Burna Boy’s ability to connect with listeners through heartfelt lyrics. It’s a perfect choice for anyone interested in a love song with a unique twist.

“Run My Race” by Burna Boy (2013)

With its poetic lyrics and sensual appeal, “Run My Race” invites listeners to relax and immerse themselves in Burna Boy’s music. The song’s descriptive video complements the quality of his music, featuring stunning visuals, captivating costumes, and beautiful models. It’s the ideal track to unwind and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

“Hallelujah” by Burna Boy (2017)

In a spiritual departure, Burna Boy takes listeners on a spiritual journey with “Hallelujah.” This song expresses gratitude for life’s blessings and serves as a reminder to appreciate what one has. The accompanying video creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere, reflecting Burna Boy’s Afro-Christian faith.


“Anybody” by Burna Boy (2019)

Burna Boy’s “Anybody” is a masterpiece that effortlessly blends jazz elements with infectious melodies, setting it apart from other tracks. This song exudes the vibrant atmosphere of a summertime party, instantly capturing listeners’ attention with its smooth melody and exciting warmth.

“For My Hand” by Burna Boy ft. Ed Sheeran (2022)

In “For My Hand,” Burna Boy collaborates with Ed Sheeran to create a relatable poetic love song that resonates with people in relationships. The track explores themes of love, happiness, and contentment, emphasizing the joy of having a supportive partner by your side through life’s challenges.

“Gum Body” by Burna Boy ft. Jorja Smith (2019)

From the very first note, “Gum Body” draws you in with its electric beats and immersive lyrics. The accompanying music video complements the song perfectly, showcasing the singers’ deep commitment to expressing love and affection. Burna Boy’s lyrics reveal his intense desire to be with his significant other, encouraging listeners to make their feelings known and express their unwavering love.

“23” by Burna Boy (2000)

If you admire both Burna Boy and Michael Jordan, two iconic figures in their respective crafts, then “23” is a must-listen. In this track, Burna Boy pays homage to the basketball legend, likening his own musical prowess to Jordan’s greatness. The lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their talents and be proud of their craft, serving as a powerful source of motivation and self-belief.

“Real Life” by Burna Boy ft. Stormzy (2000)

“Real Life” serves as a voice for the marginalized black youth in the UK, shedding light on their struggles. Burna Boy uses music to expose the blurred lines between reality and the streets, highlighting how crime and violence have become mere statistics in the media, with long-lasting effects on society. The song urges listeners to stand against injustice and discrimination, advocating for change and equality.

“Kilometre” by Burna Boy

“Kilometre” is a highly anticipated track that showcases Burna Boy’s journey towards success. It seamlessly blends reggae, dancehall, Afrobeats, and rap, creating an exhilarating musical experience. The title itself symbolizes the distance and effort Burna Boy has covered to achieve his dreams, making it the perfect anthem for anyone seeking motivation and the drive to pursue their aspirations.

“B. D’OR” by Burna Boy ft. WizKid (2021)

Looking for a song to set the dance floor on fire? Look no further than “B. D’OR.” This electrifying track draws its inspiration from the prestigious Ballon d’Or trophy awarded to extraordinary male football players. Burna Boy references legendary soccer stars such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, igniting a high-energy atmosphere that will make you move and groove.

“Question” by Burna Boy ft. Don Jazzy (2021)

“Question” combines English and Burna Boy’s native language, Yoruba, to deliver a powerful message to the curious and intrusive. Burna Boy urges nosy individuals to mind their own business, asserting that he won’t entertain their countless questions about his life. The song’s infectious beats and native language lyrics offer solace and soothe the soul, providing a respite from prying eyes.

“Monsters You Made” by Burna Boy ft. Chris Martin (2000)

“Monsters You Made” goes beyond entertainment, acting as a poignant cry for freedom for the African people. Burna Boy delves into the issue of colonialism that has plagued the continent for over 500 years. The music video highlights the marginalization and oppression of the Nigerian people during the colonial era. By setting fire to a money truck convoy, Burna Boy symbolizes his anger towards capitalism and the enduring effects of oppression on his community.

“Another Story” by Burna Boy ft. Manifest (2019)

Through “Another Story,” Burna Boy offers a thought-provoking reflection on Nigeria’s independence. Despite being colonized by the British, Burna Boy’s music video portrays Nigerians wearing blindfolds inscribed with words like “corruption,” “greed,” and “violence.” These powerful visuals call attention to the issues that plagued Nigeria during the colonial period, inviting viewers to confront the country’s past and embrace a brighter future.

“Last Last” by Burna Boy (2022)

Released in 2022, “Last Last” stands as one of Burna Boy’s latest hits, earning a massive following and widespread acclaim. The song, a fusion of Yoruba and English slang, conveys the message that heartbreaks are an inevitable part of life, regardless of one’s success. Burna Boy reminds us that everyone, regardless of their status, will experience pain when a relationship doesn’t work out.


Burna Boy’s contribution to the Nigerian music industry is immeasurable, and his versatility sets him apart from his peers. With a vast discography encompassing various genres and thought-provoking themes, Burna Boy has elevated Nigerian music to new heights. To get deeper into his artistry, visit his official website to explore his discography or read the lyrics online. Get ready to be swept away by the mesmerizing sounds of Burna Boy!

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