May 16, 2024
Best Taxi Apps In Lagos, Abuja and Other States In Nigeria
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The taxi sector in Nigeria has witnessed significant growth with the introduction of various taxi apps that have made commuting easier, more cost-effective, and safer. These apps also known as ride-hailing apps have revolutionized the way Nigerians commute within the country. Here, we will take a closer look at the top five most popular taxi apps in Lagos, Abuja and other states in Nigeria.

Benefits of using Taxi app in Nigeria

There are several benefits of using the cheapest taxi app in Nigeria for your commuting needs. Some of the notable benefits include:

  1. Affordability: As the name suggests, the cheapest taxi app in Nigeria offers cost-effective fares, making it an economical option for budget-conscious travellers.
  2. Convenience: The app provides a convenient mode of transportation with features like real-time tracking, cashless payments, and reliable customer support, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free commuting experience.
  3. Safety: The app prioritizes the safety of passengers with measures like driver background checks, emergency helpline numbers, and ride-sharing options, ensuring a secure and reliable mode of transportation.
  4. Wide coverage: The app covers a wide area, allowing users to book rides for various destinations within and around the cities, making it a versatile option for different commuting needs.
  5. User-friendly interface: The app has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use for all types of users, including those who may not be familiar with technology.
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Safety and security measures of the cheapest taxi app in Nigeria

The safety and security of passengers are of paramount importance for the cheapest taxi app in Nigeria. The app takes several measures to ensure a secure and reliable commuting experience, including:

  1. Driver background checks: The app conducts thorough background checks on all its drivers, including verification of their identity, criminal records, and driving licenses, ensuring that just qualified and trustworthy drivers are allowed on the platform.
  2. Emergency helpline numbers: The app provides emergency helpline numbers that users can call in case of any safety concerns or issues during their ride.
  3. Ride-sharing options: The app offers ride-sharing options, allowing users to share their rides with other passengers travelling in the same direction, providing an added layer of safety and security.
  1. In-app chat: The app has an in-app chat feature that allows users to communicate with the driver during the ride, ensuring easy and convenient communication for any concerns or queries.
  2. Ratings and feedback: The app allows users to rate and provide feedback on their rides, helping to maintain accountability and improve the overall safety and quality of the service.
  3. 24/7 customer support: The app offers round-the-clock customer support through various channels like in-app chat, email, and helpline numbers, ensuring prompt assistance in case of any safety or security issues.
  4. Cashless payments: The app promotes cashless payments, reducing the risk of theft or robbery during the ride and providing a secure and convenient mode of payment.
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Best Ride-Hailing Apps

1. Bolt (Taxify): Uber’s Main Competitor in Africa

Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt has emerged as Uber’s main competitor in Africa. The app is known for its user-friendly interface and affordability. It offers GPS tracking and client support through multiple platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Bolt also has a rating system that allows users to rate their drivers on a scale of one to five stars at the end of each trip. Currently, Bolt operates in cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Jos, and Port Harcourt, and users can create an account using Facebook or their email address.

2. Uber: A Popular Choice for Hailing Cabs

Uber has gained immense popularity in recent years, particularly in Lagos and Abuja. The app offers several additional perks, making it a top choice for those in need of a taxi. One of its key features is the simple user interface that allows users to track their cab in real-time using GPS, along with an estimated time of arrival. Uber also offers multiple payment options, including cash and credit card, adding to its convenience. Since its launch in Nigeria in 2014, Uber has expanded its services to several Nigerian cities.

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3. inDriver: Convenient and Transparent Taxi Service

inDriver is a highly convenient way to get around major Nigerian cities. Users can easily request a ride through their smartphone and be picked up by courteous drivers who are happy to transport them to their destination. One of the notable features of inDriver is its transparent pricing, with no hidden fees or charges. Users can simply open the app and swipe to request a ride when needed. Moreover, all inDriver drivers must pass a background check, ensuring the safety for passengers.

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4. Rida: Connecting with Local Taxi Drivers in Real-Time

Rida is a mobile app that connects users with local taxi drivers, allowing them to request a ride anytime and anywhere. What sets Rida apart is its real-time tracking feature, which allows users to track all available taxis on their route and find unoccupied taxis in real-time. Additionally, users can even negotiate with the driver on the fare before starting the trip. Rida can also be used for inter-state trips within Nigeria. Notably, Rida was created by former Uber employees from Russia and Armenia. It is one of the cheapest ride-hailing apps in Nigeria

5. HOPIN Taxi

HOPIN Taxi is a taxi service that is gaining attention in Nigeria, although it is not yet fully established in the country. However, their services are already active in some countries, and they have received positive reviews for their experienced drivers. Currently, HOPIN Taxi is actively looking for drivers in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

6. LagosRide

LagosRide is a cutting-edge mobility solution that enables users to book and share the cost of rides with others who have similar transit patterns. Using a smart algorithm, LagosRide links users based on their preferred pick-up and drop-off points, ensuring that the distance between each pick-up and drop-off point is not more than 1 kilometer. Additionally, the pick-up time for each user is synchronized to be no more than 5 minutes apart. This innovative approach makes transportation more, convenient, and efficient for Lagosians.


The birth of ride-hailing apps has revolutionized transportation in Nigeria, providing convenience, affordability, and safety for commuters. Whether you need a quick ride across town or a longer inter-state trip, options like Uber, Bolt, Hopin, LagosRide,  inDriver, and Rida offer reliable and user-friendly solutions for your transportation needs in Nigeria. Embrace the convenience of these taxi apps and make your commuting experience hassle-free.

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