May 19, 2024
Eko Hotel Employee Who Returned $70,000 Receives PR Card, Video Gains Popularity
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  • Kekwaru Ngozi Mary, a Nigerian lady who returned $70,000 to the rightful owner, has gotten free Canada Permanent Residency
  • The Eko Hotel and Suites customer care staff disclosed this during a recent NSSPPD service
  • Ngozi also revealed how her family faced stagnation for a long time before things began to go well for them

Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary, a customer care officer at Eko Hotel, who recently returned $70,000 that a customer left behind in a suite, has been granted free Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada.

Ngozi shared this exciting news during the New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations (NSPPD) service’s testimony segment on Tuesday morning.

Eko Hotel Employee Who Returned ,000 Receives PR Card, Video Gains Popularity
Eko Hotel staff Ngozi gets free Canada permanent resident card Photo credit: @portharcourthq/Instagram, Ngozi Mary/ Facebook
Source: UGC

Following the incident, an international organisation, impressed by Ngozi’s display of integrity and her proficiency in speaking French, reached out to her.

They offered to assist her in obtaining Canadian PR at no cost. This development marks a significant milestone in Ngozi’s life and opens up new opportunities for her future.

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Ngozi also mentioned the commendation she received from her local government chairman, who expressed astonishment at her exceptional integrity.

In recognition of her honesty, the chairman flew her to Port Harcourt, where she was accommodated in one of the city’s top hotels.

Additionally, she was honoured with an ambassador award and has had a building named after her, while in her village, she was bestowed with a chieftaincy title.

In her words:

“An International Organisation called me since they know I speak French, they called me because they want to do Canada PR for me for free.

“My local government chairman flew me down to port harcourt, lodged me in one of the biggest hotels, gave me an ambassador award and named a building after me, in my village they gave me a chieftaincy title.”

Recall that Davido had awarded her $10,000 for her commendable act. Before connecting with Ngozi, he had shared the news on his Twitter handle.

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Reactions as Eko Hotel staff Ngozi receives free Canada permanent resident card

@gbamusss said:

“God will diligently reward those that seek him, her Honesty paid off. She will be able to do for herself and family what she cannot do for herself in Nigeria, with permanent residency Gid has open lots of doors of opportunities for her. May God’s mercy and grace continue to follow you on this great life changing journey.”

@meelorlah reacted:

“Nothing like having Integrity, you don’t know when it will be tested.”

@iampromisekamal commented:


@callme__aya commented:

“Integrity is wealth.”

@igphotos2 said:

“What many will work for all there lives. u got it with an act of Godliness. Truly the world awaits the manifestation of the sons of God.”

@cheemaumeh said:

“Imagine she had not returned the money. She for no give these testimonies.”

@_celestineokafor reacted:

“God just said let me test you and she passed the test and see as the rivers of blessing dey flow in.”

@softstrength reacted:

“Integrity is the best attribute! Nothing beats it!”

Watch the video below:

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