March 4, 2024
Fans Rally Behind Iyabo Ojo as She Shares Heartwarming Photos with Paulo and Tiwa Amidst N18m Tax Controversy
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  • Iyabo Ojos’s exchange with the Lagos state government over the N18m tax she is supposed to pay has caused a buzz
  • After putting up a post revealing how she is expected to pay the huge amount within seven days, the mum of two is back to her usual self
  • The actress shared a post showing off her lover Paulo, Tiwa Savage and colleague Susan Peters
  • Fans of the actress have declared support for her, with some promising to come through if the need arises

Iyabo Ojo’s post calling out the Lagos state government over her tax statement sparked different reactions online.

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Even though the actress is expected to pay N18m within seven days, she has decided to continue her life unruffled and unbothered.

Fans Rally Behind Iyabo Ojo as She Shares Heartwarming Photos with Paulo and Tiwa Amidst N18m Tax Controversy
Netizens drum support for Iyabo Ojo amid tax drama Photo credit: @iyaboojofespris
Source: Instagram

In a new post on her page, Iyabo shared photos and gushed over the superstars in it.

As per usual, the mum of two showed off her Obim before sharing the slide of the photos she took with Tiwa Savage and her colleague Susan Peters.

See the post below:

Citizens react to Iyabo Ojo’s post


“Mama relax…we will contribute and pay up the tax amount!! You get God you get great pillar!!”


“Iyabo Notting do you. Pay the one you can pay out of it and bluff them after you sort it out. Ara won loshi wa. How many of them that are spilting nonsense are paying. I just posted your video on Facebook.”


“Queen mother, I always admire ur teeth. Beautiful & clean”


“You can never be broken….I love you more by the day❤️ may history be kind to you!!”


“My brother thanks for making Queen mother’s smile to wide ❤️❤️”


“You shall live long and prosper no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper AMEN “


“God is with you Queen mother, the truth shall set you freeilysm ma’am i Stan and re Stan “


“Nigerian govt taxing you for being friends with top guns.”


“Lolo the Lord is with you all the days of your life. No weapon ❤️❤️❤️”


“God will vindicate you, mama! Much love ❤️❤️”


“One of the strongest ladies I know.”

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