March 4, 2024
From N150k to 1.5m: Lady's Visit to Republic of Guinea Turns Her into a Millionaire After Currency Conversion
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  • A Nigerian lady who visited the Republic of Guinea was pleasantly surprised after she converted N150k to Guinea Franc
  • The lady, Toke, got 1.5 million Guinea Franc after she converted the N150,000 she had, and this made her a millionaire in Guinea
  • Toke joked that the easiest way to become a millionaire is to relocate to Guinea and change Naira to Guinea Franc

A lady is on a visit to the Republic of Guinea, and she has become a millionaire after converting Naira to Guinea Franc.

The lady, Toke, who is a travel enthusiast, is in the Republic of Guinea on tour, and she is in Conakry, the capital of the country.

From N150k to 1.5m: Lady's Visit to Republic of Guinea Turns Her into a Millionaire After Currency Conversion
The lady got 1.5 million Guinean Franc after converting N150k. Photo credit: TikTok/@thattokelady and Getty Images/Bloomberg.
Source: UGC

Toke made a video which she posted on TikTok, explaining to her followers that she is now a millionaire in Conakry.

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Toke said she converted N150,000 and got 1.5 million GNF in her possession.

1 Guinean Franc is 91 kobo in current exchange rate

While sharing her experience with Guinean currency, Toke said that even to buy a bottle of water, one would need as much as 4000 GNF.

This means the Guinean Franc is far weaker than the Naira, which was why Toke had so much money after converting N150k.

Toke joked that she would move to Guinea since it is easy to become a millionaire by converting a small amount of Naira. 1 Guinean Franc is approximately 91 kobo in the current exchange rate.

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Watch the video below:


As a Nigerian spending in thousands is giving me anxiety. Felt like I’m spending so much but not really. Guinea 🇬🇳 used to be part of the franc zone of former French colonies, using the CFA franc as its official currency until its independence. Other Former French Colonies which are 12 countries in West Africa still spend the “colonies françaises d’Afrique” known as CFA. This is not the first currency being used by the currency but this is the most recent. Rumor has it that due to Guinea Conakry bowing out from spending CFA, France, by all means, devalued this currency. ✨ Now with the new power CFA is holding even over Naira, it’s fair to say they are fast becoming the strongest currency in West Africa. Want to travel across West Africa as a Nigerian you either travel with a lot of dollars or pounds or get yourself some CFA… 😉Now who is joining me here in Guinea? #thattokelady #guineaconakry🇬🇳 #westafricatravel #10countries50days

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@Naz said:

“Make Guniea worm come enter my leg. Make I dey my Nigeria…I dey chop guinea fowl for here.”

@Leon Hugo commented:

“I don stop to dey think. Thank you very much.”

@user9614230518805 said:

“I want to relocate.”

@tobileaguet commented:

“Me I’m on my way.”

@Pan Africanist said:

“How much is a car there?”

@ayo_is_ayo said:

“I am coming, I want to feel like a billionaire too. Even if it’s to borrow N1 million.”

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