May 23, 2024
GTBank Virtual Card: How to Get One

GTBank Virtual Card: How to Get One

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Boost Your Online Payments with GTBank Virtual MasterCard

In today’s digital age, online transactions have become an integral part of our lives.

Whether you’re paying bills, renewing subscriptions, or shopping for your favorite products, having a secure and convenient payment method is essential.

That’s where virtual cards come into play. GTBank, one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions, offers its customers the GTBank Virtual MasterCard, a cutting-edge digital payment solution that provides a secure and flexible alternative to physical payment cards.

What is a Virtual Card?

A virtual card, also known as a “Disposable card,” is a randomly generated temporary card that can be used for online purchases and payments, similar to your regular physical credit and debit cards.

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The key difference is that virtual cards cannot be physically held or swiped at point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

Instead, they are issued instantly through Internet Banking, making them an ideal choice for security-conscious online shoppers who prefer not to use their regular debit or credit cards for online payments.

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The Advantages of GTBank Virtual MasterCard

GTBank customers can enjoy a wide range of benefits and functionalities with the virtual card.

With this digital payment solution, you can perform both local and international online transactions, giving you the flexibility to shop from the comfort of your home or while traveling abroad.

Additionally, the virtual card serves as a reliable backup for customers who may have misplaced or forgotten their physical cards but still need to make urgent online purchases.

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Applying for GTBank Virtual MasterCard

Obtaining your GTBank Virtual MasterCard is a simple and straightforward process.

As an esteemed customer of GTBank, you can follow these steps to apply for your virtual card:

1. Log in to the Internet Banking Platform using your credentials.
2. Select the “Cards” option from the left-hand panel.
3. Tap on the “Virtual Card Request” menu and complete the displayed form.
4. Click the “New Request” button to initiate a new virtual prepaid card request.
5. Choose the desired account to link with your virtual card and acknowledge the “Terms and Conditions.”
6. Generate a 6-digit code from your hardware token device.
7. Enter the generated 6-digit token code on the confirmation page and click the “Submit” button.
8. If successful, the Internet Banking Platform will display the details of your virtual card.

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Important Details and Benefits

It’s crucial to note that all GTBank virtual cards are valid for three years.

Once the three-year period has elapsed, you will need to reapply for a new virtual card.

The GTBank Virtual MasterCard offers a daily loading limit of N100,000, a daily maximum card balance of N500,000, and a daily limit of N500,000 for local web transactions.

These limits provide both security and convenience, allowing you to manage your online payments effectively.

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Embrace the future of online payments with GTBank Virtual MasterCard.

Say goodbye to the hassle of physical cards and enjoy the convenience and security of a digital payment solution.

Whether you’re shopping locally or internationally, GTBank’s virtual card is designed to meet your needs and provide a seamless online shopping experience.

Apply for your GTBank Virtual MasterCard today and unlock a world of possibilities in the realm of online payments.

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