October 4, 2023
"He Asked If I Was Out of My Senses": Nigerian Lady Mistakenly Boards Man's Expensive Range Rover, Thinking It's Her Booked Bolt Ride
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  • A Nigerian lady has kept people in stitches after sharing her experience with netizens on Twitter
  • The young woman recounted how she unknowingly entered a Range Rover thinking it was the Bolt ride she had ordered
  • However, the owner of the expensive ride was not having it as he immediately asked if she was crazy

A young Nigerian woman has narrated how she unintentionally entered a Range Rover after booking a Bolt ride.

The lady, with the handle @agneeess on Twitter, said the Bolt driver called to inform her that he was outside.

Lady enters man’s Range Rover after booking Bolt ride Photo credit: Yagazie Emezi, Sjo/ Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

She quickly went outside, and the only car she spotted was an expensive 2018 Range Rover.

The unsuspecting woman entered the car only for the owner to turn and ask her if she was crazy.

Narrating the story via Twitter, she said:

“I remember one time I Ordered bolt from Genesis GRA and the driver said he’s outside, came outside and the only car I saw was a 2018 Range Rover. I entered and the driver asked me if am crazy.”

Hilarious reactions trail story of lady who booked a bolt ride

Zekiel said:

“He wasn’t supposed to ask. He should have taken you directly to yaba.”

Eze Smawl reacted:

“I hope you answered him, yes, that you are crazzzzzyyyyy.’

Omo Iya Kemi noted:

“Exactly you must be very very crazzzyy.”

Oladipupo commented:

“so you no know the motor wey you wan enter, I think you suppose see am for the app but no you go enter 2018 RR. ojukokoro don dey your eyes teytey.”

Kingsley Obinna added:

“Had similar experience, ordered a bolt after club at 2am came out and asked the driver if he’s the bolt driver he said yes, I hopped in, little driver and he asked for my name and destination, only for him to say he picked the wrong ride, I have to go back and wait for my ride.”

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