March 4, 2024
"He Receives F9 in All 9 Subjects": Heartbreaking as Boy Performs Poorly in 2023 WAEC
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  • A boy scored F9 in all the subjects he sat for in the just released 2023 West African School Certificate Examination
  • The boy’s WAEC result was posted on Facebook, and it shows that he failed everything, including Mathematics and English
  • The WAEC result and how the boy performed woefully have stunned many people who are wondering what could have happened

A Nigerian boy scored F9 in all the nine subjects he wrote in the 2023 West African School Certificate Examination.

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The boy’s result was posted on various Facebook accounts, including that of Egi Smartest Prince.

The boy scored F9 in all the subjects in his WAEC. Photo credit: Getty Images/Hartcreations and Facebook/Egi Smartest Prince.
Source: UGC

A photo of the result trending on Facebook shows that the boy failed woefully in important subjects such as Mathematics and English.

Other WAEC subjects he scored F9 include Civic Education, English Language, Mathematics and Animal Husbandry.

Boy fails 2023 WAEC woefully, scores F9

The result shows that the boy registered for nine subjects, including Commerce, Financial Accounting, Economics, Geography and government, in the 2023 WAEC and did not pass any.

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People are wondering what could have caused the woeful performance recorded by the WAEC candidate.

The boy’s name was not made known, and the centre where he sat for the WAEC examination was not disclosed.

Some WAEC results were withheld

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) released the result for the 2023 WASCE on August 7.

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Since then, many students have checked theirs and posted the result on social media for people to see.

While others post impressive outings, many have had their results withheld because their states are indebted to WAEC.

Candidates from such states only saw “indebted” on their individual subjects when they checked their results on the WAEC portal.

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