May 17, 2024
How to Borrow Data from GLO
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How to Borrow Data on GLO in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Are you a GLO user in Nigeria and you’re looking for how to borrow data? This article has got you covered! In this guide, you will learn how to borrow data on GLO in 2023, the eligibility and requirements, how to repay the borrowed data, and much more!

Globacom Limited, also known as GLO, is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company that was founded in 2003 by Mike Adenuga. With over 45 million subscribers, GLO is the second-largest network operator in Nigeria. In 2011, GLO became the first telecom company to build an $800 million high-capacity fiber-optic cable known as Glo-1. The company has grown exponentially over the years, thanks to its amazing offers, which include cheap call rates, cheap data prices, fast network speed, bonuses, and the ability to borrow data and pay back later.

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What is GLO Borrow Me Data?

GLO Borrow Me Data is a service that allows eligible prepaid customers to borrow data when they run out and pay back on their next recharge. It is a convenient way to stay connected and browse the internet without worrying about exhausting your data bundle.

Borrow Me Data Eligibility and Requirements

To be eligible for GLO Borrow Me Data, you must be a prepaid customer who has registered their number and has been active on the network for at least three months.

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How to Borrow Data on GLO

To borrow data on GLO, simply dial *321# and follow the menu options. Select the option to borrow data and choose the quantity of data you need. Only 85% of the data borrowed will be disbursed into your Borrow Me Data account, while the remaining 15% will be charged as a service fee.

GLO Borrow Me Data Prices

The prices of GLO Borrow Me Data vary depending on the amount you want to borrow. Here is a breakdown of the prices and data available:

– 50 Naira – 30 MB with a validity period of 1 day
– 100 Naira – At least 60 MB will be disbursed into your account with a validity period of 1 day
– 200 Naira – You can borrow up to 200 MB with a validity period of 5 days
– 500 Naira – You can access up to 1600 MB for a period of 7 days
– 1000 Naira – You can access data loans of up to 3200 MB/3.2G of data, all for 30 days

How to Check GLO Borrow Me Data Balance

To check your GLO Borrow Me Data balance, simply dial *124# and follow the prompts.

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How to Repay GLO Borrow Me Data

Repaying your GLO Borrow Me Data is easy. All you have to do is recharge your phone, and GLO will automatically deduct the amount you owe from your airtime.


Borrowing data on GLO is easy and convenient, especially when you run out of data and need to stay connected. With this guide, you can now borrow data on GLO, know the eligibility and requirements, how to repay the borrowed data, and more. Stay connected and enjoy the internet with GLO Borrow Me Data!

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