May 22, 2024
How to Know My Zenith Bank Account Limit

How to Know My Zenith Bank Account Limit

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Maximizing Your Zenith Bank Account Limit: A Guide to Account Types and Limits

Are you tired of being stopped from making transactions because you’ve reached your Zenith Bank account limit?

Fret not, as we provide you with an in-depth guide on the various Zenith Bank account types and their limits, as well as tips on how to know your account limit.

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Zenith Bank Accounts and Limits

Zenith Bank offers various account types that cater to different customer needs.

Each account has its unique features and limits.

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Here are some of the most popular Zenith Bank accounts and their respective limits.

Aspire Account (Student Account)

The Aspire Account is a special account designed for undergraduates (students) that aims to improve their financial fortunes.

The account has a maximum limit of N300,000.

Once funds above that limit are sent to the account, it will be automatically restricted.

The Aspire Account can be opened online and comes with a virtual bank card.

Zenith Eazy Account

The Zenith Eazy Account allows for more flexible account opening and financial services for customers.

The account has a limit of N300,000 withdrawable in multiples of 20s.

It is suitable for customers with a specific savings goal.

Domiciliary Account

The Zenith Bank Domiciliary Account has a zero opening balance policy, and it is made up of two categories:

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The ordinary Domiciliary Account

The cash Domiciliary Account.

The ordinary Domiciliary Account can be operated from any location and has a limit that depends on the customer’s account type.

It comes with access to internet banking, debit cards, and mobile banking, as well as email and SMS alert features.

On the other hand, the cash Domiciliary Account permits only cash in and cash out transactions.

Current Account

The Current Account is designed for higher financial transactions than a savings account, with a limit of up to 5 million naira, depending on the type of account opened with the bank.

However, if the bank’s hardware token is purchased, customers have a savings account that can carry out transactions.

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How to Know Your Zenith Bank Account Limit

Knowing your account limit is crucial in avoiding account restriction and having a seamless banking experience.

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Here are some ways to know your Zenith Bank account limit:

1. Internet Banking Page

If you’re an internet banking user, you can log in to the Zenith Bank internet banking page and check your transfer limit.

2. Contact Customer Care

Another way to find out your account limit is by contacting the Zenith Bank customer care team.

By providing details about the account type you operate, they can let you know your account limit.

3. Visit Zenith Bank

If you don’t have access to internet banking or have a Zenith Bank branch close by, you can visit the bank to make inquiries about your account limit.

Final Thoughts

Understanding your Zenith Bank account type and limit is essential in maximizing your banking experience.

By knowing your account limit, you can avoid account restriction and carry out seamless transactions.

If you’re unsure about your account limit, feel free to contact the Zenith Bank customer care team or visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch.

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