March 4, 2024
How To Qualify For Gtb Quick Credit

How To Qualify For Gtb Quick Credit

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GTBank’s Quick Credit: How To Qualify, Apply.

Are you tired of the arduous process of obtaining a loan in Nigeria?

Look no further than GTBank’s Quick Credit, a revolutionary online loan platform that has simplified the borrowing experience.

With competitive interest rates and convenient accessibility, this loan product has become a favorite among individuals and small businesses.

In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of GTBank’s Quick Credit and why it stands out from other loan products in the market.

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Why Choose GTBank’s Quick Credit

In the past, securing a loan from commercial banks in Nigeria was a time-consuming and cumbersome task.

It involved endless paperwork, finding a guarantor, and the risk of rejection.

However, with the advent of technology, GTBank has transformed the lending landscape by streamlining the borrowing process.

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Quick Credit is a payday loan product that caters to both salary and non-salary account holders, offering a minimum loan amount of N10,000 and a maximum of N500,000 for non-salary holders, and up to 5 million for salary holders.

How to Obtain Quick Credit from GTBank

Getting a Quick Credit loan from GTBank is straightforward and can be done through various channels:

1. Internet Banking Platform: Access Quick Credit through GTBank’s user-friendly internet banking platform.
2. GTBank Mobile App: Use the GTBank Mobile app to apply for a Quick Credit loan conveniently.
3. USSD Code: Dial *737*51*51# to explore GTBank’s USSD code for loans in Nigeria.

Eligibility Criteria: How To Know If You Qualify For Quick Credit

To be eligible for Quick Credit, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Existing GTBank Customer: You must have an active account with GTBank.
2. Minimum Monthly Net Salary: Your monthly net salary should be at least N20,000.
3. Satisfactory Credit Score: Maintain a good credit score and have no outstanding obligations.

The Advantages of Quick Credit: A Loan That Meets Your Needs

Quick Credit distinguishes itself from other loan products by offering several advantages:

1. Low Interest Rates: Quick Credit has one of the most competitive interest rates in the market, starting from 1.33% per month.

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This makes it an attractive choice for borrowers seeking affordable financing options.
2. Flexible Tenor: You can repay your Quick Credit loan over a maximum period of 12 months, providing flexibility and convenience in managing your finances.
3. Comparison Platform: GTBank provides a platform where you can compare loan options from various lenders within minutes.

This feature empowers you to make a well-informed decision that suits your specific needs.
4. Instant Funds Disbursement: Once eligible, you can receive your funds instantly, allowing you to address your financial requirements promptly.

In addition to catering to salary earners, GTBank understands the unique financing needs of non-salary earners and small businesses. Therefore, they offer Quick Credit products specifically designed for these segments.

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Quick Credit for Small Businesses: Empowering SMEs

Quick Credit for Small Businesses is a specialized loan product that provides soft loans to SMEs operating in the Education and Healthcare industries.

This tailored financing solution enables small businesses to meet their day-to-day operational requirements seamlessly.

Features of Quick Credit for Small Businesses and Non-Salary Earners:

1. Loan Eligibility: Prequalified customers can access the Quick Credit loan.
2. Loan Tenure: Small businesses benefit from a loan tenure of 6 months, while schools have a tenure of 12 months.
3. Industry-Specific Interest Rates: Quick Credit offers different interest rates for the Education and Healthcare sectors, with rates set at 1.33% per month for Education and 1.75% for Healthcare.
4. Access to Working Capital: Customers have access to 50% of their average annual turnover, enabling them to maintain a healthy cash flow.
5. Corporate Account Option: Businesses can open a corporate account and use it for at least 12 months before applying for Quick Credit.
6. Loan Amount: The minimum loan amount for Quick Credit is N250,000, while the maximum amount is N5,000,000.
7. Flexible Payment Plans: Borrowers can choose to make monthly interest payments and quarterly principal repayments.

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Note that the quarterly repayment option is exclusively available to businesses in the Education industry.
8. Restrictions: If you currently have an existing loan facility with another commercial bank, you are not eligible to apply for Quick Credit.


GTBank’s Quick Credit is a user-friendly loan platform that offers a hassle-free borrowing experience with favorable interest rates.

By simplifying the loan application process and providing instant access to funds, Quick Credit empowers individuals and small businesses to meet their financial needs promptly.

As your credit score improves, you can take advantage of higher loan offers. I

f you’re seeking a loan product that stands out from the rest, give GTBank’s Quick Credit a try and embark on your path to financial success.

Good luck!


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