December 1, 2023
How To Recharge Glo Airtime
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 How to Recharge Glo Airtime: A Comprehensive Guide


Mobile devices have become a necessity in our daily lives, allowing us to communicate and access various services with ease. However, without airtime, these devices may be nearly useless. Recharging your mobile device with airtime provides you with different opportunities for communication and access to the internet. In Nigeria, Glo is the second-largest telecommunications network with over 60 million active mobile subscribers. This article will guide you on how to recharge Glo airtime using simple steps.

An Overview of Glo Airtime Recharge:

The concept of airtime recharge may not be new to every mobile device user, but the process of recharging airtime on different networks may vary. Globacom Network, popularly known as Glo, has been in operation for two decades, and it has been consistent with the way you recharge its airtime on your mobile devices.

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Physical Glo airtime appears in paper form and can be bought from physical retail stores across the country. This type of airtime exists in N100, N200, N500, N750, N1,000, and N1,500 denominations. Physical Glo airtime has a 15-digit PIN. You can also recharge your Glo airtime via the online portal by selecting the amount of airtime you want to buy and entering your Glo phone number.

What Are The Benefits Of Recharging Glo Airtime?

Recharging your Glo airtime provides you with numerous benefits, such as:

1. It enables you to make calls, send texts, and access the internet through Glo data subscription plans.

2. You can gift Glo airtime to friends and family.

3. You can convert your Glo airtime to cash by selling the airtime on platforms like Prestmit.

4. Employers can use Glo airtime as a reward for diligence to their employees.

How to Recharge Glo Airtime:

Recharging your Glo airtime can be done in different ways, depending on whether you have a physical Glo recharge card or the Glo E-PIN.

1. Online Recharge:

Recharging your Glo airtime online is an easy and straightforward process. To do this, follow these simple steps:

a. Visit the Glo website
b. Click on “Recharge Now”
c. Enter your Glo phone number
d. Dial “*805#.”
e. Select your bank
f. Enter the amount of airtime you want to buy
g. You will receive a confirmation message on your phone upon successful transaction

2. Recharge Through USSD Codes:

You can recharge your Glo airtime using USSD codes. This can be achieved through two different methods.

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Basic Method:

To recharge using the basic method, carefully scratch the card to access the PIN, dial “*123*(15-digit PIN)#,” and press OK/Send on your mobile device. Dial “#124#” to check your account balance. For instance, to recharge an N500 Glo airtime on a Glo sim with the phone number 08056789012 and the card’s PIN is 12345 67890 12345, dial *123*123456789012345# to add the N500 airtime to your balance.

The Glo 4X Method:

To recharge using the Glo 4X method, buy a Glo recharge card, carefully scratch the silver panel of the card to reveal the PIN, dial “*323*(15-digit PIN)#,” and press OK/Send

Solving Common Glo Airtime Recharge Issues

Are you having trouble recharging your Glo airtime? You are not alone. Glo airtime recharge errors can be frustrating and time-consuming, but fortunately, most of them have simple solutions. In this article, we will discuss the common problems associated with Glo airtime recharge and provide you with practical solutions to help you overcome them.

Invalid Recharge Error

The invalid recharge error is one of the most common errors you can encounter while trying to recharge your Glo airtime. It can occur when you enter the wrong PIN digits or recharge a Glo airtime on a phone number that is not a Glo number. For example, you will receive an invalid recharge error message if you attempt to recharge a Glo airtime on an MTN number

To avoid the invalid recharge error, ensure that you enter the correct 15-digit PIN digits carefully. Take note of the digits and avoid confusing “I” for “1” or “O” for “0”. Also, confirm that you are recharging the airtime on a Glo number.

Insufficient Balance Error

Another common Glo airtime recharge issue is the insufficient balance error. This error message pops up when there is a delay in adding the airtime to your balance after recharge. Network downtime or a problem with the PIN could cause this delay.

If you encounter the insufficient balance error, wait for a few minutes for the airtime to reflect on your balance. If the problem persists, contact Glo customer support to resolve the issue.

Trusted Stores and PIN Security
To avoid losing your airtime to fraudsters, ensure that you purchase your Glo airtime from trusted stores. Also, keep your 15-digit PIN secure and avoid sharing it with anyone.

Benefits of Glo Airtime Recharge
Recharging your Glo airtime has many benefits, including converting the airtime to cash on Prestmit. Additionally, you can use the airtime to call friends and family, subscribe to data plans, and enjoy other exciting benefits.


In conclusion, Glo airtime recharge issues are not uncommon, but they are also not insurmountable. Ensure that you follow the correct steps when recharging your airtime, and if you encounter any issues, use the solutions provided in this article. Remember to buy your airtime from trusted stores and keep your PIN secure to avoid losing it to fraudsters. With these tips, you can enjoy the benefits of Glo airtime recharge hassle-free.

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