May 23, 2024
How to subscribe to Apple Music using your MTN line
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How to Subscribe to Apple Music Using Your MTN Line

MTN Nigeria recently announced a partnership with Apple Music that allows music lovers in Nigeria to subscribe to the streaming platform using airtime instead of virtual cards. With this collaboration, MTN users can now enjoy Apple Music without worrying about the hassle of virtual cards.

The Need for a New Payment Method

In 2022, several Nigerian banks suspended international transactions on their Naira cards due to market realities on foreign exchange. This move came after most of them had reduced the monthly spending limit on the cards. A few months later, most Nigerian fintechs also suspended their virtual card services for users indefinitely.

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As a result, many users experienced difficulties in making international payments, including subscriptions to popular streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Netflix. This situation made it necessary to find a new payment method that would allow Nigerians to access these services conveniently.

The Collaboration

MTN Nigeria’s collaboration with Apple Music is a step in the right direction. Both Android and iPhone users can now use their MTN lines to subscribe to Apple Music for ₦1000 airtime monthly through SMS, USSD, or the myMTN App. The service is accessible to all MTN subscribers.

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To subscribe via USSD, dial *447# and select “New services.” Next, select “4 Apple Music” and choose between the free and paid options. If you prefer to subscribe via SMS, simply send “Music” to 8000. You can also access the service via the MTN Play portal,, or the myMTN App.

Once you have subscribed, you will receive a double confirmation page to confirm your consent. You will then receive an SMS from 8000 to access the service. The first six months of the subscription is free, and you can unsubscribe at any time by sending “stop music,” “no music,” or “end music” to 8000.

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The MTN Nigeria and Apple Music partnership is a game-changer for music lovers in Nigeria. With this collaboration, users can now subscribe to Apple Music using airtime without the need for virtual cards or debit cards. The service is accessible to all MTN subscribers, and the first six months of the subscription is free. To access the service, simply dial *447#, send “Music” to 8000, or access it via the MTN Play portal,, or the myMTN App.

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