February 26, 2024
"I Am A Native Doctor": McSmith Ochendo Opens Up About His Profession as a Native Doctor Following Viral News of Sylverster Madu Selling Okirika
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  • Popular Nollywood actor Mcsmith Ochendo stuns many with a recent revelation he made about himself on social media about a change in his career path
  • Mcsmith, in a post reacting to the viral report about his colleague Sylvester Madu seen in the market selling Okirika, revealed that he too has chosen to venture into a different enterprise
  • The slender and controversial actor revealed that he is now a native doctor and a quick dash to his page proved it to be true

Controversial Nollywood actor Mcsmith Ochendo recently shocked many on social media with an unexpected revelation he made about himself.

The Igbo movie star revealed that he is now a native doctor and a devoted practician of the ways of the shrine.

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Popular Igbo actor Mcsmith Ochendo stirs reactions online as he reveals that he has dumped Nollywood and is now a herbalist. Photo credit: @mcsmithochendo/@sylvestermadu
Source: Instagram

Mcsmith disclosed his new endeavour in a post on social media reacting to the viral report about his colleague Sylvester Madu.

According to reports, Sylvester Madu was captured in a viral clip in the market where he was seen selling second wears popularly described as ‘Okirika’.

Mcsmith came out to defend his colleague telling people to leave him alone; so far, he was engaging in a legitimate enterprise.

After Ochendo revealed that he is now a native, we took a quick dash to his page and found out that what he said about himself was true. However, he was doing it as a skit maker.

See Mcsmith Ochendo’s comment revealing that he is now a native doctor:

See how people reacted to Mcsmith’s post indicating he is now a native doctor


“I think the entertainment industry favours women more.”


“What is wrong with him selling in the market to put food the table for his family?”


“Asabahood the only industry women keep getting richer and the men keep getting poorer.”


“But come to think of it they need to get their daily bread,most times being just an actor doesn’t pay their bills,wish you more customers sir.”


“We really need to rate honest hard work because why is this even news?”


“Native doctors dey cash out now for Facebook just marry Ezenwanyi join am make una open tiktok dey shout for live. My brother una don make am.”


“Na only women dey prosper for this movie industry while the men dey further on okirika and native doctors work to buy Toyota musclena wa for my gender o.”


“There’s dignity in labour- Let the legit hustlers breeeeeath…”


“It’s not really easy for creative out here in Nigeria the support and love is not just there. At the end every man has to survive. Make them try find this man support am for real.”

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