September 23, 2023
"I am prettier than your wives and girlfriends": Bobrisky Flaunts His Beauty and Claims Superiority Over Wives and Girlfriends, Taunting Haters
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  • Nigerian hotcake socialite Bobrisky addressed those against his beauty aesthetics while letting them know their positions
  • The famous crossdresser argued that he was beautiful and prettier than most of the wives and girlfriends of those who attack him online
  • Mummy of Lagos, as he is fondly called, disclosed that he can never be dampened by their negative comments towards him

Controversial Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky Okuneye recently bragged about his beauty while comparing his appearance to the girlfriends and wives of those who criticise him.

The luxury influencer who recently made news for attending the birthday celebration of the well-known actor Alesh Sanni sparked debate about allegations of his attractiveness.

Pictures of Bobrisky Credit: @bobrisky222
Source: Instagram

The Mummy of Lagos posted a video of himself dancing on Instagram to provoke his critics. He, on the other hand, emphasised how he looks better than the girlfriends of those who dismiss him.

“Sometimes when I see comments like, “Bob, you aren’t beautiful, it surprises me.” Haters understand that I’m stunning, even more so than many of your girlfriends and spouses,” he added.”

See his post below

Bobrisky says he is prettier than most of his critics’ wives and girlfriends Credit: @bobrisky222
Source: Instagram

Citizens react to Bobrisky’s post

Bob’s post elicited conflicting replies, as many had different observations.


“Beauty is not by make up Bob. Till u stop wearing them I ll never see u as beautiful. Na make up not natural beauty”


“U too fine oooh to the extend see us dey argue the matter for us Bob u fine abeg truth be told”


“Mama you Beautiful paa Leave those hater Come Ilesha we don miss yiu”.


“Clean your makeup no use filter ,no lash make you see as people go pick race.”

@cekheal stated:

“You are beautiful MannAbeg you too much na man you be .”

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