September 23, 2023
"I don't have a Degree but I pay 100 People Salary": Davido's Manager, Asa Asika Brags In New Video
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  • Top Nigerian singer, Davido’s manager, Asa Asika, is now in the news after speaking on being successful despite having no degree
  • In a recent interview, the music star’s manager revealed that he pays salaries of 100 people every month and he does not have a degree
  • The video sparked a series of mixed reactions after it want viral online as nigerians debated on whether school is a scam or not

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido’s manager, Asa Asika, caused an online buzz after speaking on being successful despite not having a degree.

The 32-year-old talent manager opened up about not having a degree but paying people’s salaries while speaking during an interview with @smartmoneyarese on Instagram.

In the viral video, Asa noted that people usually feel there’s a certain path to follow to success. He then went ahead to speak on how he has friends who have degrees and now work regular 9-5 jobs but only earn meagre salaries.

Nigerians react as Davido’s manager Asa Asika says he has no degree but pays 100 people’s salaries. Photos: @asaasika
Source: Instagram

He explained that people told him to go to university but in just one of his companies, he has 45 people on payroll. Asa added that if he were to count it, he probably pays salaries for about 100 people despite him not having a degree.

In his words:

“Everyone’s story is different, everyone’s path is different. People always feel like you have to go a certain way to get certain goals. Without being condescending or like trying to sound cocky, I have friends who have gone to school and have PhD’s now who work a 9-5 and are making peanuts. I’m like dude okay let’s say at that point in time when everybody is like ‘oh go to Uni, stay in Uni, I’m like dude one of my companies pays 45 people salaries a month and that’s only one of the businesses I run. If I do the maths, I probably pay about 100 salaries a month and I have no degree.”

See the video below:

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