September 27, 2023
“I Trek and Jump Bus Everywhere”: "Iya Gbonkan Drops Threat and Requests Nigerians to Buy Her a Car in Video Appeal
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  • Iya Gbonkan has stirred mixed reactions on social media with a video of her making a request
  • The veteran actress noted that she has worked too long in the industry not to have a car
  • According to Iya Gbonkan, she walks about and uses public transport despite her age and status

Veteran actress Iya Gbonkan is feared in real life because of the kind of roles she plays in movies, which are always scary.

In a video sighted online, the actress noted that some people who know her today had not been born when she started her career in Nollywood.

“I Trek and Jump Bus Everywhere”:
Iya Gbonkan asks Nigerians to buy her a car Photo credit: @simply_oreke
Source: Instagram

She added that despite her age and work experience, she still treks about and uses public transportation from one place to another.

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Iya Gbonkan expressed the need to be celebrated during her lifetime, and not when she is dead, and to buttress this point, she said that any cow sent for her burial will become bitter after being cooked.

In the video posted by simply_oreke, the actress, grateful to still be alive, asked Nigerians and her fans to buy her a car because she deserves it. To drive her point home, Iya Gbonka issued a subtle threat.

Watch the video below:

Citizens react to Iya Gbonkan’s video


“Is this to the general public or her family members?”


“But like who will be driving her around if she gets the car? How about driver’s salary? How about car maintenance and fuel?”


“Me wey dey watch your movie sef no get car! I still dey collect change from maruwa and okada drivers “


“How can one react to this type of subtle threat like this? You people should help mama ooo.”


“I don’t understand. She doesn’t have kids? Or family members?”


“Make una buy mama car abeg oo me I no wan jam her inside public bus na to fly window go out”


“Fear sev dey catch me to type…this woman movies dey scare nonsense for my body.”

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