May 20, 2024
Lady Who Went Viral for Dancing At Her Workplace Breaks Silence in New Video
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  • A young lady who went viral after dancing at her workplace has dished out a message to her fans over the video
  • In the trending clip, the lady claimed that she didn’t know when the video was made or how it went viral
  • The happy lady went ahead to appreciate Nigerians who had positive comments to share about her video

A security staff at Chicken Republic has expressed her gratitude to Nigerians for appreciating her dance video.

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The girl, identified as @slimzybabe11, made the appreciation post on TikTok, thanking everyone who liked and shared her video.

Lady Who Went Viral for Dancing At Her Workplace Breaks Silence in New Video
Security girl addresses Nigerians over dance video Photo credit: @slimzybabe11/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Recall that the girl had gone viral after a video showed her dancing at her work post while on duty.

Following this, some Nigerians lauded her while others criticised her for trying to emulate Happie Boys, the former security guards sent to Cyprus after their video went viral.

In her appreciation message to Nigerians, she said:

“Omoh I didn’t even know someone dey video me when I saw this am kind speechless, omo thanks to everyone I really appreciate.”

Mixed reactions trail video of security girl

@morgaperry said:

“You won do like happy boys.”

@Classic_coder reacted:

“This one wan go Cyprus.”

@Bella_mena said:

“Opm papa don wise.”

@Sly commented:

“This one na HappiGirl.”

@westly saint reacted:

“Dis update done cast.”

@Trenches reacted:

“Nah new travelling update be this? Just asking.”

@Only1bina reacted:

“Wetin dey do this one .”

@Tom4KT said:

“This one wan go Cyprus, Hold ur job well oo.”

@user9754316149549 said:

“Happy boys don dance finish now na happy girl, make una try dey rest, rest in Jesus name.”

Watch the video below:


Omoh i did even know someone dey video me when i saw this am kind speechless @ omo thabks to everyone i really appreciate 🤲🙏#fyp #viral #fynboytcash #fyp #fyp #viral #fyp

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