September 27, 2023
Madness or Plain Stupidity? Nigerian Bride Uses Her Teeth To Cook On Her Wedding Day
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  • A young bride has caused a stir on social media after she was spotted cooking food using her teeth
  • The bride, in viral photos shared on Twitter, was seen lifting a pot using her teeth with her hands placed at her back
  • Reacting to the photos, a Twitter user shed more light on the traditional practice in Bemba

A bride has gone viral on social media after being spotted cooking using her teeth as her hands on her wedding day.

The photos made the rounds online, with many netizens wondering why she preferred to use her teeth rather than her hands.

Madness or Plain Stupidity? Nigerian Bride Uses Her Teeth To Cook On Her Wedding Day
Bride cooks with her teeth on her wedding day. Photo credit: AdvoBarryRoux/Twitter.
Source: Twitter

Throwing light on the incident, a woman identified as @DonCorleANN revealed that it was a traditional practice in the Bemba community in Zambia.

According to her, it proved that a woman can still care for her husband even if she loses her limbs.

Reactions trail photos of bride cooking using her tweet

The tweet quickly gained attention on social media, and many netizens shared their thoughts in the comment section.

Most nigerians, however, criticized the tradition, referring to it as outdated and oppressive

@Being_Adaa said:

“Got to appreciate that I’m a Nigerian bc how I wan take bring pot down from fire with my teeth fgs.”

@SomtoAnierobi reacted:

“It definitely is. WTH? Did they make the man so something to prove he’ll always be able to take care of the family?”

@Chisomlbedu commented:

“Ha Nawa oo. Thank God this is not practised in Naija. How and where will I start from to bring pot down?”

@Marketer said:

“I won’t be surprised to see it’s men that introduced this yeye tradition.”

@omolara reacted:

“I just want to know why the whole community is preparing for women loosing limbs. What activities were they into in the Old days abeg?”

@Edidionglkpat reacted:

“Should a woman lose her limbs, she can still cook and take care of the husband” the same husband that is infact intact. Thank God I’m Nigerian.”

@raytony001 reacted:

“It’s all about food for African men. Even after the loss of limb, na food be their main concern. E no go better for culture and tradition founded on patriarchy. Why not ask the man to use his teeth to hunt animals Incase he loses his limb.”

@GangstaPeezay commented:

“Then we’re shocked with intense horror when a husband leaves a sickly wife. FORGETTING we are teaching men to only value women who ‘do-it-all’ regardless & anything else is a liability. In sickness and in health is only applicable for women. Miss me with that mess.”

@AustinRVXT said:

“This is why crumbling many aspects of African culture which is actually: SLAVERY should be everyone’s fight.”

@eekilaitoko reacted:

“In most cases iam really for tradition and culture but there are some things in this word I really don’t understand and I really refuse to understand and support. Couldn’t be me but to each his own I guess.”

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