February 26, 2024
Man Breaks Down in Tears as Woman He Supported Through University Fails to Show Her Statement of Results
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  • A Nigerian man has shared his pain on social media after a girl he sponsored through school turned her back on him
  • According to the heartbroken man, he singlehandedly paid her fees from university level till she graduated
  • Sadly, the girl immediately turned her back on him after he asked her to present her statement of result

A Nigerian girl has ignited the wrath of several netizens after turning her back on her benefactor who sponsored her through school.

A Facebook user, identified as Apst Sunday Nwindi shared the emotional story on his timeline which sparked an outrage online.

Man Breaks Down in Tears as Woman He Supported Through University Fails to Show Her Statement of Results
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The man had sponsored a student’s university education, only to be met with ingratitude and betrayal.

Kind man sponsors lady’s fees through university-level

According to the story, the man faithfully supported the student financially throughout her university years, covering her accommodation fees of N65,000 annually and providing a monthly allowance of N10,000.

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Student turns against benefactor after he requested statement of result

However, when the student reached her final year, the man discovered that she had not submitted her exam result statements for the entire four-year period.

In an attempt to address the situation, the man summoned the student and her mother for a meeting.

It was revealed that the man had taken on the responsibilities of the student and her mother after her father, who was the man’s pastor, passed away.

Despite his efforts, the student eventually left the church, influencing her younger brother, who played the drum for the congregation, to demand a salary increase.

He wrote;

“The child whom I sponsored throughout university from year one till NYSC today made me her enemy. I paid accommodation fee of 65k every year for four years. 10k monthly Allowances for four years. What is my offence?

“In her final year, I summoned her and her mother to find out why she had not presented her statements of exam result for four years. Her father was my pastor before he died and I carried her and her mother’s responsibilities. She left the church, convinced her younger brother that played drum for us to demand for 30k upward, as a review of his salary. Both of them left the church. Though her mother is still my deaconess and I know she will leave one day.”

Reactions as man laments after girl he sponsored in school turned her back on him

The story shared by Apst Sunday Nwindi raised thought-provoking questions about the growing trend of ungratefulness and forgetfulness among humans.

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Armstrong Michael said:

“When Jesus sent out d 12, the ONLY thing He bid them beware, was MEN. We are stil d filt of the world. Take heart sir..”

Yinka Ajayi said:

“Don’t let this get you worried the word of God says we should not be wearied of doing good. God will help us.”

Samuel Umanah commented:

“This is just an issues that has to do with someone whom a spiritual father help for numbers of years and the sister decided to abandoned the church and the spiritual father that had spent so much to helped in her education as well as the family members etc but not the case of someone coming on social media to talk anyhow insulting people because he is opportune to stand on the altar with a bible.

“I think people should be guided not to talking anyhow like unbelievers, if someone made a vow and has fail to redeemed it I think he or she will have a questions to answer from God.”

Samuel Umanah reacted:

“I think someone who just woke up yesterday to do ministry work should not condemn, criticise those that had been there before him or her, ministerial work is a continuous and everlasting process that doesn’t call for blackmailing or labelling people wrong stickers.”

Apostle JC Winner said:

“That’s why your help should be sponsor by the holy Spirit so don’t expect anything from anyone.”

See the post below:

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