December 1, 2023
Man Devastated as Girlfriend Gives Birth to Twins
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  • A Nigerian man got the shock of his life when his girlfriend called to inform him that he was a father of twins
  • According to the confused man, he was unaware the girl was pregnant for him before she travelled to another city
  • In the video shared on the TikTok app, he exclaimed in shock as she called on the phone and opened up to him

A Nigerian man has gone viral following his reaction to the surprising news of his girlfriend’s twin birth.

The young man was left in great shock when his girlfriend revealed she had given birth to twin babies for him.

Man Devastated as Girlfriend Gives Birth to Twins
Girl secretly delivers twins for boyfriend Photo credit: @o.gilson/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Man claims girlfriend never informed him about pregnancy

According to him, his girlfriend had not informed him about the pregnancy before she travelled.

In the video, he asked her where she was and she stated that she was at the hospital.

The man’s friends who were at the scene laughed at his situation while he was sweating profusely.

The caption on the video read:

“His girlfriend didn’t tell him she was pregnant for him before she travelled only to know that the girl had given birth to twins for him.”

Reactions trail video of Nigerian man exclaiming over girlfriend’s twin birth

This video has attracted many comments from netizens who congratulated him and suggested he should conduct a DNA test.

@Elsy Brown said:

“Congratulations Papa Ejima. I love the girl movement.”

@Excellent prince added:

“Congratulations but DNA first because I never see girl wey go get belle e no go want husband or boyfriend love till e Born.”

@King Emerie wrote:

“E don tehhh weh I hear this “Papa Ejima” oohh congratulations big man.”

@Mr Kelvin replied:

“She done use Pregnant don hold this one that old fmt still day work.”

@Maxwell Triumph added:

“He de sweat?”

@Ifeaks reacted:

“Omo for this hard times.”

@kingbugga411 said:

“We Officially welcome to the daddy’s club my brother papa ajima.”

@ChuksOjiaku wrote:

“This thing dey funny buh if e do u, u go know d pain d guy dey go through.”

@chidimma added:

“Yeye friends. Why them dey laugh their laugh sef got me laughing.”

@Terry said:

“Dem dey use twins surprise person!Congratulations though.”

@Ami wrote:

“Congrat boss man.”

@Ama’s collection said:

“I feel it’s the fear of rejection that made her not to tell him. But congrats papa ejima.”

@Candy_664 reacted:

“Na cryptic pregnancy fit do this thing.”

@Mrfash wrote:

“Do DNA. Maybe the main guy no get money to pay hospital bill.”

@user3152401328770 said:

“Woww congratulations papa ejima.”

Watch the video below:


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