October 3, 2023
Man's Heart Broken After Being Dumped by Girlfriend Who Traveled Abroad, Refuses to Go to Work"
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  • A Nigerian man said he broke down after his girlfriend, who travelled to America, broke his heart
  • Before the lady relocated abroad, she assured the man that their communication would not be affected by distance
  • The man said he was so emotionally down that he missed work for days and was almost queried

A young Nigerian man has narrated how his girlfriend broke up with him years ago after she relocated abroad.

The man (@call_me_ayokay) said that before the lady got an American visa, they both prayed and fasted together for her success to come.

Man's Heart Broken After Being Dumped by Girlfriend Who Traveled Abroad, Refuses to Go to Work
The man said that he almost got a query at work. Photo source: FG Trade, Maskot. Photo used for illustration.
Source: Getty Images

After getting US visa, lady stops picking lover’s calls

Immediately after the lady got the visa, she reassured her boyfriend that distance would not be an issue between them as she worked out a communication timetable.

Weeks after the lady settled into her new environment, the man said she started ignoring his calls and texts.

In a Twitter post, he disclosed that the lady later blocked him on all social media platforms. The man said he was not himself for days, and even almost got a query for not showing up at work.

Read his thread below:

See some of the reactions below:


“Women easily get carried away! They are also not too good with power. If you were the one going to the US, you for see love wey u never see before from this same girl.”

@ooreoluwaaa1 said:

“Most relationships, if one person travels out normally ends cos one person starts acting up.”

@broda_shina said:

“Bro aswear you’re very lucky that it was just two weeks just imagine you’re been deceived for close to a year and you finally heard she’s sharing feeling with someone else. That’s my story. I cried myself to sleep every night cos I felt betrayed. She lied to me. Omg!!”

@ToyinAderounmu said:

“I’ve been there. Happened to me too, but I’m a strong man at heart. Didn’t speak to her for 10 years but eventually we came back as friends. We both doing well in our marriages I guess.”

@dayenstat said:

“Surely she will come back don’t worry.”

The man replied:

“I don’t want again o. thank you.”

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