May 19, 2024
Mother Transforms into Chair to Keep Child Still During Photoshoot, Video Goes Viral
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  • A mother made people laugh online after she showed how she kept her daughter still during her birthday photoshoot
  • The mother knelt and struck a chair posture before the photographer could capture the desired shots
  • Many parents who watched their funny video wondered why they never thought of the brilliant idea

A mother has stirred massive reactions online after a video that captured her child’s photoshoot session surfaced online.

Despite all efforts to make the kid stay still, the girl just wanted to go to her mother and play.

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Mother Transforms into Chair to Keep Child Still During Photoshoot, Video Goes Viral
The mother tried to keep her baby still. Photo source: @brandijanayc
Source: TikTok

Amazing photoshoot session

The woman had to wrap a cloth around her body to make herself look like a chair for the photoshoot.

Only after the mother had done that did the kid remain still for the photography session.

Many people praised the thoughts that went into “tricking” the child to remain calm for the photoshoot. @brandijanayc shared the mother and daughter video.

Watch their video below:


Sometimes you gotta improvise lol #fyp #kidsphotographer #montgomeryalabama #foryou

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We compiled some of the reactions below:

queen said:

“Lmfao because why was this so smart.”

Curtianna Knight said:

“Why this pop up after i just left from my daughters photoshoot.”

Follow_melee3000 said:

“That’s just melted my heart!! Cuz a mommas gonna get it done by any mean.”

MilliB said:

“Very creative. would love to see the results.”

84Libra said:

“I had to do this with my sons first Easter pics it looks like he’s sitting on the bunny’s lap but he’s sitting one me.”

Hara said:

“My knees wouldnt let me be a chair even if I tried.”

Betty said:

“Lol we need to see how these turned out.”

Naiye said:

“Yeaahh this real smart.”

Sharifamarie said:

“I wanna see the results lol this was to creative.”

Chantale_790 said:

“The things we do for our kids, happy birthday.”

Cj said:

“She’s like I hear her, but don’t see her.”

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