February 26, 2024
"My Heart Cut": Event Organizers Play a Prank on Bride and Guests as Cake 'Topples' During Reception, Video Takes the Internet by Storm
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  • Two cake bearers at a wedding reception caused a huge stir when they casually dropped the wedding cake
  • The bride, groom and wedding guests were alarmed when the cake fell off the hands of the two ladies
  • However, the show was said to be a prank carefully packaged by the event planner to add colour to the reception

An event planner took pranking to the next level when she made a wedding cake to ‘fall’ during the reception.

In a video posted on Twitter by @yabaleftonline, two ladies were carrying the cake to the front of the hall.

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The cake ‘fell’, but it was said to be a prank by the event planner. Photo credit: Twitter/@yabaleftonline.
Source: UGC

The video showed a wedding reception packed with guests, The bride and the groom were also seated when the cake bearers arrived.

Everything was going well as the ladies moved gradually to where they were supposed to place the cake.

Then suddenly, the 4-tiered white cake fell off, and some parts broke away and lay on the tiled floor.

Everyone around lifted their heads to see what was happening with the cake. The two ladies who bore the cake were speechless over what had happened.

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It has turned out to be a prank said to have been planned by the event planner. It appears the cake that fell was a dummy.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from Twitter users as wedding cake falls

@Irunnia_ said:

“I feel like all these planks should be played abroad where most people are happy. Imagine trekking for hours under the sun because of fuel subsidy and someone comes to play a prank on you. Na to use backhand slap am twice.”

@duchessbidex commented:

“Was the bride laughing or crying? The cameraman did not pan her face enough.”

@Cee_ogum said:

“Do not distress me for your amusement for whatsoever reason. Especially not at my wedding, when I expect things to go well.”

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