March 4, 2024
Nigerian Actress Toyin Abraham Responses Back: "Let Him Say It To My Face If He Can"
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  • Controversial Twitter personality, Daniel Regha and top Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, have remained at loggerheads over her latest movie, Ijakumo
  • The actress had taken to social media to reveal how she was hoping to see Regha at the recently held Trendupp Awards so that he could criticise her movie to her face

Popular Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham, recently made headlines with her latest movie, Ijakumo, but the film drew a series of criticisms from some people on social media including Twitter personality, Daniel Regha.

On July 9, 2023, the movie star then took to her Twitter page to post about how she was hoping to meet Regha and other influencers who criticised her movie at the Trendupp Awards taking place on that day.

Nigerian Actress Toyin Abraham Responses Back:
Daniel Regha boldly calls out Toyin Abraham’s Ijakumo movie at Trendupp Awards, actress speaks. Photos: @danielregha (Instagram), Toyin Abraham /
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According to the mother of one, she was hoping that her critics would be able to tell her how and where she can improve in her filmmaking .

She wrote:

“My darling @DanielRegha hope to see you today face to face at trendupp awards so you can kindly tell me where you need me to improve in film makingI saw your tweet on IJAKUMO and I will be happy to see you so you can tell me where and where to work on. Hope to see other lovely influencers aswell today.”

See her tweet below:

Daniel Regha blasts Toyin Abraham’s Ijakumo movie at Trendupp Awards

Taiwo Owolawi, met up with Daniel Regha at the Trendupp Awards and asked him if he was aware of Toyin Abraham’s tweet. The young influencer said he was not aware of what she posted but he was also not hoping to see her.

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He said:

“I hope I don’t see her o. She wants to see me for what?”

When asked if he would be able to criticise Toyin Abraham’s movie to her face, Daniel Regha made it clear that he was not moved and he would be able to confront her because she cannot beat him in public.

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According to the Twitter personality, he had wasted almost two-hours of his time seeing her movie as the film did not make any sense to him.

He said:

“Why won’t I say it to her face? Where is she? The movie did not make any sense and I regret I just wasted more than 2 hours watching Netflix that I even borrowed from my landlord. The movie did not make any sense honestly, If she is here I will say it to her face, she cannot beat me in public nau.”

Toyin Abraham speaks as she reacts to Daniel Regha’s criticism of her movie at Trendupp Awards

However, the top actress declined to comment on the situation. According to her, she does not talk about people.

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She said:

“I won’t answer your question, I don’t talk about people, I only talk about myself.”

Daniel Regha takes to Twitter to defend his stance

After the Trendupp Awards, Regha took to Twitter to send a message to Toyin Abraham. He tweeted at her to let her know he heard she wanted to see him.

Not stopping there, the Twitter personality stood his ground by adding that her Ijakumo movie was poorly written and directed. He however added that even though he supports her as an actress, her support for the APC government after the END SARS protest goes against everything he stands for.

See his tweet below:

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