March 4, 2024
Nigerian Man Discovers Admission was Fake Seven Years After Graduating
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  • A Nigerian man has inspired people with his story as he recalled how he lost everything after finding out his admission was fake
  • He said that it was the shocker of his life as he expected a confirmation letter at his workplace at that time only to be handed dismissal
  • The filmmaker graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) in 2009 with a second-class upper in Biochemistry

A Nigerian filmmaker, @orlahyeahlay, said he found out seven years after graduating from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) that his admission was fake.

The digital marketer shared his story while replying to a citizen who urged people to narrate what made them realise life was vanity.

Nigerian Man Discovers Admission was Fake Seven Years After Graduating
He found out years after graduating. Photo Credit: @orlahyeahlay
Source: Twitter

He said he finished from the Ogun state varsity with a second-class upper in Biochemistry in 2009, completed his NYSC in Delta State in 2011 and started working at a bank in 2013 after months of fruitless search for a job.

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Three years later, he was to get a confirmation letter only to be dismissed by the bank. He said it was heart-wrenching and a life-shocker to learn about the sad development of his admission.

“…It was at the point of confirmation we discovered I had a fake admission and my matriculation number was assigned to another person who happened to be the one with the original admission but he was a drop-out. I lost everything aside from my name and it was heart-wrenching,’ he recalled on Twitter.

See his tweet below:

Reactions on social media

@Sir_BenBoye said:

“Been trying to avoid this thread gut this is much for a human being.

“OOU and swapping names after admission list have been pasted, happened to someone I know, her dad died in that same problem.

“She had to leave OOU at her final year because her name was swapped for someone else.”

@Gr8_nex said:

“Just when you think you’ve had it worse, then you somehow stumble on the story of another that questions ur grieve.

“I’ve had it bad, but pushing on even when it seems the only way forward is to give up.

“Your story, Sir, is far more than the motivation anyone needs to fight on.”

@timii_xo said:

“My darling Olayele some of us carry this pain so well that people barely believe or know we are sinking.

“Thank you for holding on.”

@Barrister_Mykel said:

“Sometimes, texts can only give some snippets of all the pains, disappointments and agony the heart and soul goes through at series of difficult periods, the intensity in reality form is so unimaginable.

“I’m glad victory ends it all.”

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