October 3, 2023
"Nigerian Man Left in Tears as Boss's Wife Allegedly Refuses to Settle Him After 7 Years of Service"
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  • A Nigerian man broke down in tears as his boss refused to settle him after seven years of working for him
  • According to the story, the wife of his boss accused him of stealing from her, which led to his boss’s decision not to pay him
  • Out of anger, the young man caused a serious commotion at his boss’ shop and threatened to bring it down

A young man who served his boss for seven years was accused of theft by his wife and sent away without compensation.

According to the young man, his oga (employer) was meant to settle him last January, but he was asked to wait till after the election.

Man refuses to settle boy who worked for him for seven years Photo credit: @mikeuban/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

After the election, his oga’s wife accused him of stealing, and he was sent away without being allowed to take his things. The young man felt helpless and frustrated after working for seven years with nothing to show.

However, he met a TikToker, @mikeubani, who offered to help him resolve the situation. Together they went to his oga’s shop for a peace talk.

Despite their best efforts, the boss even slapped the young man, which infuriated him and almost led to a physical altercation.

Thankfully, he was held down by those he came with. His boss claimed that his shop had gone down, so he could not settle the young man.

However, this explanation surprised everyone, as the young man had worked for him for seven years and had never been accused of theft before.

Reactions as Nigerian boss refuses to pay boy who worked for 7 years

Nigerians reacted to the story, with many sharing similar experiences of being unfairly treated by their bosses.

@Martin Nancy said:

“My cousin served his oga for good nine years on that year of settlement he came back as a mad man.”

@Golden Jennifer reacted:

“I told my younger brother not to steal from his boss anything at all so that when he finish serving and the man refused to settle him I go Waka.”

@Austine Dominic said:

“Even if he stole Oga settle am!”

@CHUKS max Electrical reacted:

“I remembered my own time with my boss after 8 good yrs I was settled with 150k I cried and cried nobody helped, but now the Almighty is at work.”

@Prince Anthony said:

“Mine was 4 years I still went back empty handed with nothing for nothing sake oh e de pain sha.”

@skulboi42 said:

“I served my oga for complete 9 years plus but he no give me one naria. But look at it today there no better than me.”

@joyjoel43 commented:

“You wan tell me say dis boy serve u for 6yrs n u know notice say Im dey steal from not until the 7th year. Haba oga fear God ooo.”

@Emmanuella commented:

“Omo, this thing happened to one of my friends, the guy almost ran mad.”

@just_goaway5 reacted:

“U see dat man weh sit down na so I dey take mind my business.”

@Queen esther said:

“This really made me cry, wish I can help this poor boy. why are people so heartless?”

@BIGPAID reacted:

“This man knows what he’s doing! I don’t care how the story started but trust me, it feels like a set up between him and his wife.”


“The man must settle the boy, everyone don tear eyes no whine this generation, or your head fit pay the prize.”

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