March 4, 2024
Nigerian Man Takes A Whatsapp Admin To Court For Removing Him From A Group
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  • Following his removal from the WhatsApp group, a man took the group administrator to court to seek redress
  • Trouble started when the man told the admin to provide an audit report and financial accountability for the funds collected since the group’s establishment in 2017
  • The judge not only ordered that the man is reinstated into the group but gave an injunction regarding his future on the platform

A man identified as Herbert Baitwababo filed a lawsuit against the admin of a WhatsApp group for removing him.

In his case filed before the magistrate in Kampala, Uganda, Baitwababo narrated that on May 16, 2023, he wrote a letter to the group admin, Allan Asinguza, asking for an audit report and accountability for the monies collected from the registered members since the year 2017 when it was formed.

Nigerian Man Takes A Whatsapp Admin To Court For Removing Him From A Group
Herbert Baitwababo took the WhatsApp group admin to court. Photo Credit: Guiding Tech, Twitter/@IamMzilikazi
Source: Twitter

The WhatsApp group, Buyanja My Roots, was established for the purpose of contributing to charitable causes, expressing condolences, and providing support to individuals, Baitwababo disclosed.

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Buyanja My Roots, dedicated to their Buyanja sub-county in Rukungiri district, was to render help to people within the area.

“As members of the said WhatsApp group, we developed an idea of starting an association and agreed that one had to pay Sh.30,000 only to subscribe for the membership and as such, I fully registered,’ Baitwababo’s affidavit before the court read in part.

The magistrate’s ruling

Monitor reported that the Acting Senior Grade One Magistrate at Makindye Magistrate’s Court in Kampala, Mr Igga Agiru on Monday, June 19 ordered the respondent, who was not present, to reinstate Baitwababo.

The magistrate further gave a permanent injunction restraining the admin, his agents or assignees from further infringing on Baitwababo’s right of association. No orders were given as to costs.

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In a surprising turn of events, Baitwababo was added back to the group and made the admin. However, group members left one after the other and created a new one.

An investigative journalist, Mzilikazi, revealed that Baitwababo is heading to court to get the members back to his WhatsApp group like in the beginning.

Mzilikazi shared a video of the man speaking on the matter to corroborate his claim.

Watch the video below:

People react to Herbert Baitwababo’s lawsuit

@ShumbaNaSoko said:

“On the face of it, it seems trivial. But when you actually read more into it, makes sense. They pay a membership fee. Him being removed from the group occurred after his continued insistence that the group administrator account for all the monies contributed by members.”

@khumaloMel said:

“I think it’s not just a chat group..but chat business group and a very serious one….just thinking.”

@tebogoyannete said:

“There’s no pain like being removed from a WhatsApp group, regardless how useless it is.”

@charles_jjuuko said:

“Hehehe…I hear he was added and all members left to form another group afterwards.”

@naijama said:

“Apparently one had to pay a fee to be in the WhatsApp group, and he had paid.

“So I think it’s a bit different from ordinary WhatsApp groups.”

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