February 26, 2024
Nigerian Man Turns Down Woman upon Discovering Her Previous Relationships
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  • A Nigerian man has turned down a lady after he learnt about the men she had slept with in the past
  • The lady’s friend however opined that his reason is not valid enough if he genuinely loved the woman
  • Mixed reactions have trailed the development as social media users slammed the lady for having such a number

A Nigerian lady‘s past apparently affected her present day after a man dumped her because of her past dealings with men.

The lady’s friend, @nihiinn, stated on Twitter that the man rejected her because her body count was up to 20.

Nigerian Man Turns Down Woman upon Discovering Her Previous Relationships
He rejected her because of her body count. Photo Credit: MoMo Productions, Hill Street Studios
Source: Getty Images

She criticised the man’s decision, saying it was not a valid reason to dump her friend. She wrote:

“This guy rejected my friend because her Body count is up to 20, I honestly don’t think this is a valid reason to reject someone, if you genuinely love her.”

She said the man refused to tell her friend his own body count.

“And when she asked the guy for his own body count, he said “he lost count”, so why then was he rejecting her.”

See her tweet below:

Reactions on social media

@jonathan_okoh said:

“It depends if he likes her for me it was more like excuse to run cos I won’t lie we do it when we are not interested in the relationship anymore doesn’t necessarily mean you are dating or seeing another person.”

@Lasblunt said:

“If you start to judge someone with their body count. You have to consider their age I think.

“If Someone who is 25years has 15 body count it not bad, then if someone who is 28years and above no need to ask them their body count if truly you love the girl.

“My own opinion.”

@riskandgrace said:

“People are different just like you who won’t date a guy that had something with your best friend, the are other ladies who will.”

@jtalksofafrica said:

“My female dog’s body count is not up to 3.

“How did she collect 20 different kind of pen.is and she’s sane?

“You sef wey tweet this thing i wan tell you talk but peace be unto you.”

@TheSilvapr said:

“20 even small, i sabi one girl wey get 1056 body counts and she’s happily married now with 3 kids.”

@NuJhayhne said:

“My friend body count was like 50 or so and she got married last month.

“Men don’t care about it.”

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