October 3, 2023
Nigerian Mum Begs Men To Come For Her Daughter's Hand In Marriage
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  • A video of a mum inviting young men to wed her daughter has gone viral on Instagram
  • In the amusing clip, the mum said that her daughters are past their prime and need a decent partner
  • She also urged dads to tell their sons to tie the knot so that they could have one of her daughters as a bride

A hilarious video of a mum who is looking for suitable husbands for her daughters has caught the attention of Instagram users.

In the funny footage, the mum explained that her daughters are not getting any younger and they need to find a good match soon.

Nigerian Mum Begs Men To Come For Her Daughter's Hand In Marriage
Her mother is making the appeal because there seem to be scarcity of men. Photo credit: @realtalkauntyf
Source: Instagram

Video of mother inviting men to marry her daughters goes viral

She also appealed to other fathers to encourage their sons to settle down and propose to one of her lovely daughters.

Some viewers found the video hilarious and praised the mum for her sense of humor and honesty.

The video is one of many viral Instagram videos that have sparked candid comments online.

Find the video of articulate mother seeking good men for her daughters

See some of the reactions about the mother seeking suitors for her daughters below:

@dcrypto.kings reacted:

“Ask your daughters if they have sense first.”

@realbenjamyn1 said:

“If you are above 24 & you live in any of the Europeans’ countries kindly send me a DM …. No long talk let’s kick off.”

@iamcy_rodriguez also said:

“I am available.”

@pocolization commented:

“The girls private their pages.”

@harryboygram also commented:

“Aunty say cut.”


“Aunty, which of your daughters are available right now?”


“Mummy guys are not the problem, these girls are not ready at all, they’re not satisfied with hard working young men doing their bit to move forward, what they wantyahoo boys and fraudsters who can afford to take them to burj al Arab and most of them want to be shaking their fannies on yacht’s, then parents back home are not helping matters with archaic traditions and unbelievable marriage lists and bride prices that make absolutely no sense.”

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