October 3, 2023
Nigerian Shoemaker Creates Stunning Army-Colored Shoe Priced at N30k: Pictures of the Masterpiece Go Viral
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  • A Nigerian man has shared photos of a beautiful shoe he made, and the nice footwear stunned many people on Twitter
  • The shoemaker Akoni responded to a tweet by Flutterwave asking people to brag about themselves on Twitter
  • Akoni posted photos of the beautiful shoe, which has an army colour and referred to it as a masterpiece

A talented Nigerian shoemaker produced a beautiful shoe, and the photos have gone viral on Twitter.

The skilled shoemaker, Akoni took to the platform to share his craft and show it off to potential customers.

Nigerian Shoemaker Creates Stunning Army-Colored Shoe Priced at N30k: Pictures of the Masterpiece Go Viral
The shoemaker produced an amazing army coloured shoe. Photo credit: Twitter/Akonii_.
Source: Twitter

The man was not only looking for customers, he was trying to show his skills and let people know what he could do as a young Nigerian.

Man quotes Flutterwave’s tweet with nice shoe he made

Akoni was responding to a viral tweet by financial services firm, Flutterwave. In the tweet, Flutterwave asked people to brag about themselves.

Many people on Twitter have jumped on the tweet and used the opportunity it offered to show off anything they are good at.

Others used it to show the public things they have accomplished in the pasted or how far they have come in life.

Akoni also jumped on the tweet and quoted it with photos of the beautiful army-coloured shoes he made.

He captioned photos of the shoe:

“I created this masterpiece!!”

Since he made the tweet on the afternoon of July 28, it went viral and attracted many admirers to the shoe.

Some who have seen it immediately indicated interest, saying they are interested in owning it.

Others wanted to know if Akoni has the shoes in different colours other than the army colour.

See the tweet below:

Reactions as Nigerian shoemaker shows off fine shoes he made

@Daddyawongirls said:

“Do you have this in black?”

@T_RAW__ said:

“Nah this is straight fire.”

@sadroadboy commented:

“How much, gee? Make I put am for my to-buy-August-List.”

@Tolu_Akanni said:

“This is so nice.”

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