May 19, 2024
Nigerian Twitter User Expresses Discontent with Payment from Elon Musk, Astonishing Nigerians with the Amount
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  • A Nigerian lady caused a stir online after she called out Elon Musk over the money she got for using Twitter
  • According to her, she hit 54.9 million impressions for the month of August alone and expected more than what she was paid
  • Many Nigerians tackled the young lady as she revealed the amount the social media platform paid her

A Nigerian influencer, @Real_Nafu, has lamented over the ‘small’ money she was paid as a verified Twitter content creator.

@Real_Nafu shared her impressions for August alone alongside the new followers she got and dragged Elon Musk.

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Nigerian Twitter User Expresses Discontent with Payment from Elon Musk, Astonishing Nigerians with the Amount
She was paid $688 for the month of August. Photo Credit: Bloomberg, Twitter/@Real_Nafu
Source: Getty Images

@Real_Nafu said she hit 54.9 million impressions in August alone but was paid $688 (over N520k) only and wondered why it was so.

“I don hit 54.9M impressions But Elon Musk pay me $688 Why!!!!!!” she wrote.

A look at her bio showed she joined X, formerly known as Twitter, in February 2023 and amassed over 2227k followers.

Internet users, however, knocked the lady and tagged her ungrateful for lamenting over the money she was paid.

See her tweet below:

Some netizens tagged the lady as ungrateful

@JazzieLaQueen said:

“You shouldn’t complain. $688 just for being on social media isn’t bad!”

@paparazziideas said:

“Not all advertisers like your kind of content. So even though your impression is high, X ran fewer ad on your content. That’s why its ‘low’.”

@XDOTCOM007 said:

“U hv to engage other account and not just remain in ur corner waiting for others to engage u only.”

@iamchekzi said:

“1$ = 902naira

“$688 x 902naira = 620,576naira.

“Earning a 620,576 naira without owning a physical shop is huge.”

@chi4real___ said:

“$688 na minor pay check every two weeks… be grateful for that.”

@KE_lV_iN___ said:

“So all this your doings la money you dy find here? La all these mumu boys wey dy run follow you na I blame.”

@davidemzo said:

“Now that you got something you felt is little, you decided to tell the world ooh. When you got paid at first you refused to tell the world how much it was. This life no balance at all.”

@Donrenor11 said:

“That’s about N550,000 na. He tried just manage it or better still, diversify ur income. Enroll urself in Blockchain technology lessons,the world is evolving and everybody needs to go digital.”

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