May 19, 2024
Nigerian Woman Addresses Househelp Still Sleeping at 9am, Shares Video Online After Pouring Water, Video Gains Popularity
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  • A Nigerian woman found her househelp sleeping by 9:00 am and woke the lady up in an unpleasant manner
  • The madam poured water on her sleeping househelp, an unexpected action that immediately awoke the lady
  • Mixed reactions trailed the video as many people criticised the madam for pouring water on the maid and also videoing it

A Nigerian lady, Christabel Egbenya, sparked outrage on social media after she poured water on her sleeping househelp.

The actress, in a video she shared on TikTok, entered the bedroom to find the househelp named Ifeoma still asleep by 9:00 am.

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Nigerian Woman Addresses Househelp Still Sleeping at 9am, Shares Video Online After Pouring Water, Video Gains Popularity
Christabel poured water on her househelp. Photo Credit: @christabelegbenya222
Source: TikTok

Christabel was even angrier that the househelp was all covered up while her little daughter, who slept beside her, was exposed.

Christabel was vexed with Ifeoma

She scolded Ifeoma, questioning what she was still doing in bed by that time. Ifeoma, in her defense, said she slept late and did not realise it was 9:00 am already.

Christabel was not having Ifeoma’s excuses and blasted her, saying she has been doing all the work despite having a househelp.

“My house help still sleeping by 9am in the morning is this right? Couldn’t even close my baby’s body,” Christabel captioned her video which was heavily criticised.

Watch the video below:

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People criticise the madam


“If you’re always awake and ready to do this, why not take care of the house and the baby then do the work yourself.”

Nance said:

“Mine sleeps till 8am. When she wakes up, she’s so active till I admire her energy. I guess that’s how her body functions.

“The kids adore her.”

user256 said:

“Then tomorrow u will hear she’s has done something to my baby let’s be serious with those maids.”

Daughter of zion said:

“I thought this only happen in movies so it’s true in real life. Instead of pouring water on her just let her go.”

Miss efyaSilva said:

“Oooh madam u shouldn’t pour her waterbe patient with her.”

@therui380 said:

“Being a maid is a sacrifice these people think that you don’t get tired especially Africa where you’ll do everything including washing with hands.”

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