May 19, 2024
Portable Gains Attention Abroad as He Engages with Caucasian Kids, Teaching Them His Slang Expressions
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  • Nigerian Street pop sensation Portable is carrying his fans along as he progresses with his global music tour
  • During a stopover in Qatar, the singer had a light-hearted conversation with some young Caucasian boys he encountered in a restaurant 
  • The humorous slip saw the singer proudly introduce himself as a Billionaire Nigerian artist while he tried teaching them his slangs

Nigeria street pop star Portable is having a great time, as he embarks on his global music tour in the company of his wife, Bewaji.

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The singer apparently stopped over in Qatar, where he met some young Caucasian boys and decided to have a little chit-chat while on the move.

Portable Gains Attention Abroad as He Engages with Caucasian Kids, Teaching Them His Slang Expressions
Portable causes stir in Qatari restaurant with Oyinbo kids Credit: @portablebay
Source: Instagram

The funny clip captured the singer telling the Oyinbo young men that he’s a billionaire music talent.

The Zazu crooner taught them how to say his name nickname correctly and some of his favourite lines like: “Wahala Wahala Wahala.”

Subsequent videos saw him and his wife with fans at the beach having a good time.

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See Portable’s videos below

Portable chat with Oyinbo boys sparks reactions


Zazu page dey kill depression.”


“If Nigeria people not love portable another country go love am❤️as he dey sweet us he day pain them.”


“I celebrate you today bro with all my heart …. Now wen u Dey alive … I no mind buy you two bottles today ❤️.”


“You cannot win Portable in an Argument The boy said, “I am millionaire, Zazu said “me I am a Billionare””


“Zazu to the world I did this haircut thanks for the patronage ogo ⭐️ @portablebaeby………. Book your next haircut appointment with oj orficial cuts.”


“Funniest part ur heater’s go Dey see am but them no fit like or comment but them feel like doing so lol ,Dr Zeh u no go fall ✅✅.”


“portable don teach this innocent children how to shout wahala Wahala Wahala.”

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