October 3, 2023
Portable Issues Serious Warning to Celebrities Amidst Mohbad's Passing
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  • Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, has now found a teachable moment after the death of Mohbad
  • In a series of videos, the Zazu Zeh crooner advised other celebrities to stop their fake lives and build houses
  • Portable said some of them would end up being buried beside gutters, revealing that he has 10 houses

Singer Mohbad’s death seems to have inspired controversial music star, Portable, to post a lengthy video preaching against fake life.

Recall that after Mohbad’s demise, videos of his burial site went viral, and it raised a lot of complaints from people who believed it was not a befitting place for him to have his final rest.

Portable Issues Serious Warning to Celebrities Amidst Mohbad's Passing
Portable tells celebs to build houses and stop fake life. Photos: @iammohbad, @portablebaeby
Source: Instagram

Portable took to his official Instagram account and preached against celebrities who engage in fake lives. According to the Zazu Zeh crooner, people insulted him because he built a house in the trenches, not knowing that he had so many other houses, about 10 of them.

He said:

“Na so dem dey insult me say I build house for trenches, you know how many house I get for trenches? Different kind of mansions, like 10, no be all my property una go know. Even that Lekki Ajah side, I have bought a land and started building on it. I dey pay one house sef near Osapa London, na 15% I don pay, na 100 we still dey go. I don buy so many things.”

Some people would be buried beside gutters, Portable says

Also, in the video, Portable told famous people to stop pretending to live affluently because their helpers would see them as mentors. He also added that some of these stars do not have houses and might end up getting buried beside gutters.

Not stopping there, he said that the lavish display of these celebs puts pressure on other people; meanwhile, they do not even have houses or cars.

He said:

“Reduce the volume of your fake life make your helper no con dey call you mentor. Some people will be buried beside gutters when they die, dey do fake life. If you die, you no get house, you no get any place. Una go dey make us dey run, you go post house sey you buy house, you buy motor, so no be your own, na your friend buy am, dey cover your friend. All those celebrities, no be all of them get house , no be all of them get motor, dey no get where dem dey stay. Some people have all their clothes in their car. If you be celebrity wey you get money, show face, we know people wey get money, we know people wey be say na ‘alakada’, some people would still get buried beside gutters.”

Portable spoke further:

“Some people when they die, the Lekki they have been shouting, they won’t be buried there. Even in the trenches, they would still be buried beside gutters because they didn’t buy land in the trenches talkless of building on it.”

See Portable’s post below:

Reactions as Portable says some celebs will be buried beside gutters

Portable’s video on celebrities living fake lives soon spread on social media, and it sparked an online debate. A number of netizens agreed with the singer and noted that he made a lot of sense.

Read some of their comments below:


“Portable go keep spitting fact if u like hate am na your headache they said he talk too much which na reality him Dey talk no .”


“Since when I don Dey follow portable na today his talk enter my head pass.”


“99 Advisers, Only 1 helper! .”


“Portable abeg forgive meI’m now a fan.”


“Reduce the volume of your fake life, make your helper nor con dey call you mentor!! .”


“If portable was mohbad’s best friend, him for don know everything wey sup, call all of them out with him full chest Rest in peace imole.”


“Even with all his wonron wonron. He still made a lot of sense with this .”


“Say what you want about him but this guy is smart and very intelligent. When you make money or as u are making money don’t forget to build relationships with your wealth. Invest and get enough properties. Shalom.”


“Portable is one of the realest artist i know. Yes, he’s got a crazy personality but then again, he is very intelligent and He speaks soulfully.”

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