February 26, 2024
Revealing Over N70 Million Income from Cooking Class: Participant Exposes Chef Hilda Baci's Earnings
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  • A Nigerian lady who registered for chef Hilda Baci’s class has shared her observations about the chef’s income
  • According to the lady, Hilda Baci would be making a whopping sum of money from the registration fee
  • After all her calculations, the lady claimed that the celebrity chef had already secured about N70 million to herself

A Nigerian lady has expressed her shock after finding out that Chef Hilda Baci allegedly made over N70 million from her upcoming cooking class.

In a video, the lady who also registered for the class with a fee of N35k, estimated that there are over 2000 people who already registered.

Revealing Over N70 Million Income from Cooking Class: Participant Exposes Chef Hilda Baci's Earnings
Hilda Baci’s student speaks on her earnings Photo credit: @reemymira0/TikTok
Source: TikTok

She shared her disbelief at the amount of money Chef Hilda Baci would make from the class and urged people to follow her to do the calculations.

In her words:

“I just registered for Chef Hilda Baci’s class with the sum of N35k there are over 2000 people in her class. If N35k is multiplied by 2000 people, it equals N70m.

She will be making N70m and registration for the class is still ongoing imagine if 500 more people registers.”

The upcoming cooking class is reportedly one of her most popular classes, with many people waiting to learn from her.

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Despite the fee charged, many people have registered, and more will still hop in before the registration deadline.

The news of Chef Hilda Baci’s alleged earnings from the class has sparked a social media debate with many people expressing their opinions on the matter.

@quin_uju reacted:

“You’re calculating the income don’t forget to calculate the expenditures.”

@ovinkansolarr commented:

“I like the fact that she didn’t talk down on Hilda’s hustle sha. Key point “eating the fruit of her labor.”

@aau.finest said:

“God no allow my pinkin come online de run calculations for another man business amen.”

koyes_gourmet_kitchen said:

“Hilda has always had crowd like this for her classes sha. She has paid her dues in the industry o. Before you start using imagination and overthinking with calculator to kill yourself. This one is serious motivation. There’s money in this food industry!”

@investorandrew_ reacted:

“70 million na just $90k that one no be money na.”

@carphy_flinks reacted:

“So you dae help her calculate her money? God abeg!”

@fnprincekay commented:

“You sef work make you make your own money. Werey. If she do hookuup now you go still bash am.”

@peaceoflagos0 said:

“Her expected more sef cos her last class that I joined before the fame, we were over 2000 students there as well and this time she raised the bar with the prices. Was thinking with the publicity, she should have over 5000 students sef. She’s hardworking.”

@grace_udensi said:

“Perfect example of “drinking paracetamol for another person’s Headache.”

@iam_horpeyhemi reacted:

“Normally! Most people that signed up also want connection too cos she’s now a public figure.”

@aramideskitchen reacted:

“This is her 8th cooking class edition, continue calculating.”

@aubiergembock said:

“And you, yes you, are spending all your time and energy and skill. Cooking for a BROKE man, because you are hoping for marriage or you are trying to “maintain” your relationship with him. My sister. If you can cook well well, start a YouTube channel, start an IG cooking page, start a TikTok cooking page. Monetise your cooking skills and make money.”

@hrh_kingdiamond reacted:

“She deserve even 700m. To break record easy? If e pain you, go do your own.”

@mriykeoflondon said:

“Envy, jealousy, and bitterness of heart are amongst reasons why some persons are still running inside a circle without any growth. No matter how much Hilda charges them, it worths it because it took her time, energy, and finance to build her brand, and it’s nobody’s concern to look into how much she charges for her class or how much she will make/made out of it. If you feel pained , kindly go out there and build your own brand, then you can charge people whatever amount that you wish.”

@datboi_2fly commented:

“Lol mind your business and focus on your class not how much another woman makes.”

@gracieehi reacted:

“Lord in everything, may I not be too jobless to set ring- light and come on social media to calculate another man’s business income.”

Watch the video below:

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