March 4, 2024
Sabinus and Nasboi Criticize Yul Edochie Over Fight Videos with Judy
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  • It is yet another instalment in the never-ending fights between Nollywood couple Yul Edochie and Judy Austin, and this time it has garnered a lot of attention as Sabinus reacts to clip
  • In the trending clip, Judy locked Yul Edochie out of the house, reacting to what he did the night before, where she alleged that her husband was cheating on her
  • The actress noted that she couldn’t let what her husband did the day before by coming home late repeat itself

Over the last few days, Yul Edochie and Judy Austin have constantly been on the trending table on social media as clips of them fighting each other daily stir reactions.

In the latest of their fight videos, Judy locked her husband, Yul Edochie, out of the house, asking him where he was coming from.

Sabinus and Nasboi Criticize Yul Edochie Over Fight Videos with Judy
Controversial Nollywood actor Yul Edochie trends online after another clip of him fighting with his 2nd wife, Judy Austin, goes viral. Photo credit: @yuledochie/@judyaustin/@mrfunny_1
Source: Instagram

The actress challenged her husband, noting that she wouldn’t allow what he did the day before to repeat itself.

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This came after Judy had alleged that her husband was cheating on her with another woman.

However, these series of clips dropped online daily by the couple have stirred a lot of adverse criticisms and even celebrities are not left out.

To think this is the legendary Pete Edochie’s son – skit maker Nasboi says as he reacts to the clip

Famous skit maker, Nasboi responded to the viral clip noting his disappointment in Yul Edochie.

“To think this is the legendary Pete Edochie’s son is disappointing.”

He, however, tried to create a joke out of the situation by saying:

“I no fit wait make this Big Brother Onitsha finish. These housemates don dey boring.”

Another skit maker that reacted to Yul and Judy’s video was Sabinus. Though he attempted being comical with his response, he said:

“Facebook money don even make my landlord and in wife dey do prank. Anyways, I sha thank God say Sowore get vote pass am for Presidential election.”

He has turned himself to a mumu – Bolojay says

Young Nigerian singer Emperor Bolojay also reacted to the viral clip in a chat, saying:

“See that man has turned himself to a mumu.”

Watch the video as Judy Austin locks Yul outside in the cold:

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See the reactions the video stirred online as Judy locks Yul Edochie out of her house


“Dem Dey give una okro soup una Dey drink am best content creator in Nigeria right now.”


” episode what?”


“Na your mate celebrate 15 years with him wife yesterday, you day here day act asaba film.”


“Funny how men who supported him are now denying him. You like the sin but hate the consequences.”


“Jokes apart, this is really sad to watch. I remember when this man contested in one of the Governorships election few years ago, in Anambra State. This man had lots of potentials and many people loved him. This life sha!”


“Now woman truly they bring great men down.”


“It’s surprising how YUL migrated from ODOGWU to ODIEGWU.”


“Judy don use JuJu useless this man life.”


“This f00l just lost a child not too long ago and he is here chasing clout like a teenager, dam!”


“You all are seeing this as a skit to make money from Facebook and youtube but to me, it clearly is not at all, Yul’s mental health has been tapped, he’s not normal.”


“Yul is embarrassing Pete edochie legacy.”


“If una no gimme role for film I go give myself .”


“Honestly I use to respect this guy alot. Infact, have been insulted many times defending him. But like this, I’m totally disappoìntèd in him.”


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