March 4, 2024
"She will do you back": Lady Pays a Visit to her ill Friend, Consumes Food she couldn't eat
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  • A funny lady who spent two days with her sick friend ate the food the patient could not eat to her satisfaction
  • The lady filmed herself while munching on apples and revealed the friend’s father also bought her food
  • TikTokers found the lady’s attitude hilarious and warned her not to get sick because her friend would do the same

A Nigerian lady has shared a video of the moment she visited her sick friend who did not have an appetite for food.

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She described the sick lady as her closest friend. The visiting friend ate the patient’s apple and other food items with joy.

The lady ate her sick friend’s food items. Photo source: @onwukankem
Source: TikTok

Funny lady’s visit to her close friend

The lady (@onwukankem) said though she wanted to spend a day, she increased her visit to two days.

At some points in the video, she tried feeding her friend pap and tea so she could get better.

She revealed the lady’s dad also bought her food, and one aunty brought rice and stew.

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The friend also showed the packs of provisions that were available by her bedside.

These are some of the reactions below:

NorahB said:

“If na me I go just collect my own bed separately oo. God will heal her completely because the pressure is getting wesa.”

Ken said:

“Lol anytime u fall sick abeg travel oo bcos she go do her own back

Benita said:

“Rich people sickness my own my mama for don pack holy oil pour for my body.”

Happy girl sid:

“Which kind friend b dis.”

oluwatosinagbesan asked:

“When she go sick again make I come stay with her?”

She replied:

“She no fit sick again.”

JustCallMePlayBoi said:

“Pls is that your friend single?”

@powell precious said:

“Abeg if you go call me make I help her family look after am.”

Big babyyy said:

“Lol ur so funny… Hope ur friend is okay now?”

Localrush said:

“Which kind friend you be? She will do you back.”


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