December 1, 2023
Six Years Without a Child: Woman Accuses Dad of Infertility, Publicly Confronts Him in Viral Video
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  • A Nigerian lady stormed her hometown as she accused her biological father of locking her womb
  • The unhappy lady said her marriage of six years is on the verge of hitting the rocks over her inability to bear a child
  • According to her, different clerics she visited on the issue claimed her father was responsible for her barrenness

A drama broke out in a hometown as a lady, who has been unable to bear a child, accused her father of being behind her barrenness.

A 15-minute video shared by blogger Ogechi Okeke Njaka D’ Okalisia Okalisia on Facebook showed the moment the lady named Anwulika stormed her family house to confront her father.

Six Years Without a Child: Woman Accuses Dad of Infertility, Publicly Confronts Him in Viral Video
Anwulika accused her father of locking her womb. Photo Credit: Ogechi Okeke Njaka D’ Okalisia Okalisia
Source: Facebook

Anwulika begs her dad to untie her womb

Lamenting in Igbo language, the lady, who is the first daughter of the family, had a man who videoed everything as she sought help from netizens on the matter.

She showed some sections of the family house where she claimed her father kept charms and lamented that he had not dropped the bad practice.

When she eventually found her dad, the woman went crazy, scattering things around him as she asked why he locked her womb.

Anwulika wondered why her father chose to allow the misunderstanding he had with his estranged wife to spill over to his children.

The woman also accused him of being behind the misfortunes of her sibings, adding that the pastors she consulted claimed he was responsible for her barrenness.

Anwulika wants to save her marriage

She vowed not to let him go unless he untied her womb. In his defense, her dad admitted that his children did not treat him well but said he was not responsible for her inability to bear a child.

His daughter insisted that he was responsible, lamenting that her marriage is on the verge of collapse over it.

At some point, two men visited the compound and tried to settle the issue to no avail.

Nigerians had divided opinions on the video

Ekon Edward Enya said:

“Your father is not responsible for your problem, those so call pastors are putting you into darkness. make peace with your father then focus on the Devil that is responsible.”

De Queens Luxuryworld said:

“She’s just a mannerless woman will never approach my father in such manners no matter what I feel sad for the old man.”

Ify Max said:

“If truly is ur father’s fault why can’t does pastor destroy the sham nd sent u free,is fight between Ur father nd God not u.”

Solomon Obinna said:

“Just come my side and see where some girls are busy destroy themselves in the name of enjoyment when they got married last.they will forget how they destroy themselves and start saying it is my father brother sister mother uncle etc.come and see how young girls are destroy themselves in our society.”

Prophetic Ubani Umah said:

“I feel her pain. You can never understand how frustrating it is for a woman in marriage not to conceive or give birth in Complete six years in her marriage. You can’t understand the pressure from her in-laws mostly if she is married to a serious family that doesn’t tolerate or highly impatient. Very frustrating.”

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