February 26, 2024
Skilled Nigerian Carpenter Transforms Sibling's Kitchen with Exquisite Woodcraft.
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  • A talented Nigerian carpenter decided to surprise his brother by giving his kitchen a facelift
  • In the space of a few hours, the carpenter installed a fine board work with lovely lighting and shared the result on social media
  • Many people found it hard to believe that he did such a beautiful job within a few hours, while others praised his work

A Nigerian carpenter, Bimbola, has showcased the upgraded look of his brother’s kitchen on social media after he handled it.

Bimbola said he told his brother to drop the key to his apartment under the guise that he wanted to have a nice time with a lady. Unbeknownst to his sibling, he had a better intention in mind.

Skilled Nigerian Carpenter Transforms Sibling's Kitchen with Exquisite Woodcraft.
Bimbola changed his brother’s kitchen. Photo Credit: @bimbolatokz
Source: Twitter

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Bimbola transformed the kitchen in less than 4 hours

In a tweet that has blown up on Twitter, Bimbola shared pictures depicting the kitchen’s appearance before and after he worked on it.

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Having already worked on the pieces in his workshop, Bimbola quickly and perfectly installed a fine board work with fitting lighting in the kitchen. According to him, he did the installation in less than four hours.

He wrote:

“Back to the day I told my bro to drop me his key that I want to go and do “ Shina” in his house. Ni.gga was feeling reluctant. Y will u carry babe to my house when u are single and also have ur own house. . Not knowing I wanted to transform his kitchen b4 coming back frm work.

“…And yes. Installing is less than 4 hours cos I had done everything at the workshop. If u want to know how. Come and learn.”

See his tweet below:

Bimbola’s work excites many people

@thedakoalice said:

“Ouuuu. Are you looking for a sister? You can come and do shina in my house.”

@girliekenny said:

“I don’t understand Twitter people someone posted his work . And people are insulting him and calling him a liar . Omo this app is toxic.”

@AjeboDanny said:

“This is beautiful, love the light twist.”

@Tereez__ said:

“Beautiful. But this job wasn’t completed in a day sha.

“Maybe him travel. But no be work e go.”

@gozzim said:

“This thing you have with your brother is absolutely beautiful and very very rare here. Don’t ever lose it!”

@skyismylimit7 said:

“It’s possible to do this in 4 hours or less thou if you already assembled everything you be using,it’s not too much of work here.”

@_steadysoul_ said:

“I can bet this apartment cannot be in Lagos, the kitchen is a whole two bedroom apartment in Lagos…”

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