September 23, 2023
"Sorry Sis": Brothers Discover Sister at Late-Night Barbecue, Join In to Finish the Feast as Her Reaction Unfolds
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  • A Nigerian lady’s quest to have some alone time was rubbished after her brothers stormed the place unannounced
  • According to her brothers, they waited for her to return throughout the day but she didn’t and as such they decided to look for her
  • On seeing their only sister, the young men did not let her be and did something that did not go down well with her

Three Nigerian men stormed a bar where their only sister was having some alone time and left her disappointed with their actions.

The lady identified as Chidinma had left the house to have some alone time but did not return at day time.

Chidinma’s brothers traced her to the bar. Photo Credit: @de_ouse
Source: TikTok

This made her brothers step out to look for her. Using her released location, they found her seated alone and enjoying a barbecue in a bar and descended on the meal with reckless abandon.

They jocularly slammed Chidinma for leaving them hungry at home to enjoy herself and enquired about the man she was with.

The men quickly helped themselves to her food and bought some drinks to support it. The video has stirred reactions online.

Watch the video below:


The boys 3 vs Chidinma 0 😂😂 #de_ouse

♬ original sound – De_OUSE

Reactions on social media

The Boss Lady said:

“My four brothers used to me the same thing they always follow me and chop my food I don Dey stuffed for this life.”

lowcut12goddes said:

“This is what only girl in the house dey see from his brothers hand….Dimma baby just bear with them,dey too love you.”

preciousgold said:

“I get four brothers oo.. Na the same thing I dey pass through my people the only difference is that am older than them.”

Evan Odom739 said:

“I love what they share. As a mother of four boys and a girl, i wish this type of closeness on my boys and their only sis.”

egekeonyejoy said:

“Chidinma brothers has turned out to be the weapon fashioned against her and with the look of thing its like e dey prosper ooo I love you.”

numcyprecious said:

“Chidinma please use one of this boys to do chief bridesmaids and the rest as flower girls.”

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