September 27, 2023
Speed Eaters Wanted: 10 Guinness World Records You Can Smash Without Leaving Your Couch!
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Amid the excitement about Nigeria’s Hilda Baci breaking a Guinness World Record, many people have become curious about how to become record holders.

It is more exciting to point out that several World Records can be smashed from the comfort of a person’s home.

The essential thing one needs is the determination to carry out the task and set a new record higher than the existing one.

Speed Eaters Wanted: 10 Guinness World Records You Can Smash Without Leaving Your Couch!
Breaking a world record. Photo credit: Gabs Ginsberg/Getty Images, Hilda Baci/Instagram
Source: UGC

10 World Records that can be broken from the comfort of your home.

1. Highest number of socks on one foot for 30 seconds

If you can put about 30 socks on one foot in 30 seconds, you can become a World Records breaker.

According to Guinness World Records, the most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds is 28, achieved by Pavol Durdik (Slovakia) in Púchov, Slovakia, on 10 October 2017.

2. Tallest toilet paper tower in 30 seconds

It is high time you put those stocked-up and unused tissue paper rolls to better use.

Anyone wishing to win a World Record could try to build the tallest toilet paper tower.

The current holder, Silvio Sabba, built a tower with 28 rolls. The only rule, according to Shortlist, is that you must only touch one roll at a time.

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3. Most Smarties eaten In 60 seconds blindfolded using chopsticks

Smashing this World Record might not be a huge task for the foodies.

Eating 20 Smarties in one minute is quite simple, but you must use a blindfold and chopsticks.

Just like the rules of other records, you also can only pick up one Smartie at a time.

4. Fastest time to arrange the alphabet from a can of Alphabet Spaghetti

Cody Jones is the current holder of this record. It allows only 3 minutes and 21 seconds to find all of the letters of the alphabet in a can of alphabet spaghetti.

It might seem like a lot of time, but it is not so, as you might be turning the air blue trying to find a letter.

5. Fastest time to assemble Mr Potato head

To break this record, you must surpass Samet Durmaz from Turkey, who got it done in just 6.62 seconds.

If you have a Mr Potato Head lying around, you can attempt to smash the record of the fastest time to assemble him.

6. Fastest time to eat a 12-inch pizza using a knife and fork

If you are a fan of eating a pizza with a fork, you could use that skill to break a World Record.

Kelvin Medina from the Philippines is the current record holder. He ate 12 inches of pizza, with a fork, in 23.62 seconds. The rule to breaking this record is that you must also have swallowed it.

7. Most football touches in 30 seconds

To break this record in 30 seconds, you must do as many football touches as possible.

The current winning is held by Parker Kuklinski (252 football touches) from the USA and Chloe Hegland from Canada (163), respectively.

The only rule regarding this record is that the ball must be kept in the air.

8. Most selfies taken in under 3 minutes

To carry out this particular task, the importance of having a selfie stick cannot be overemphasised. It is a necessity.

One of the most recent breakers on the list, Indian actor Akshay Kumar snapped about 184 selfies in less than three minutes as an advert for his new movie, Selfie.

9. Most clothes pegs clipped to the face in 60 seconds

This might leave your face with some temporary marks, but you still stand a chance to be a record-breaker if well carried out.

If you could clip about 52 clothes pegs on your face, you would beat Silvio Sabba’s current world record of 51.

This record has stood for about eight years. Don’t you think it’s time to get your pegs and smash this?

10. Most Push Ups with claps In 60 Seconds

Stephen Buttler from the UK holds this record after doing a whopping 90 push-ups with hand claps in one minute.

The strong man unarguably has the upper body power of a four-year-old when you try to take biscuits out of their hands. It’s worth trying, though.

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