May 18, 2024
Story of An 11 Year Old Boy Been Saved From Been Killed By His Father
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  • God’s favour has smiled on Bankole Destiny, an 11-year-old boy from a broken home who used to roam the streets of Oda, a small community in Akure-Ondo State
  • The boy, whose parents are separated, was said to have been threatened by his father that he would nail him to a wood like the crucifixion mentioned in the Bible
  • An SOS alarm raised by PDP chieftain Dele Momodu and the intervention of Dr Tolulola Olajibike Bayode, founder of Dorian Home, saved the boy from his father’s cruelty

They say humanity is the quality that makes us human, and these qualities vary from good to evil as it is perceived in our hearts.

However, the best form of humanity is showing love and compassion for one another, even when inconvenient.

Story of An 11 Year Old Boy Been Saved From Been Killed By His Father
11-Year-Old Bankole Destiny picked up fast in his academics as he bagged straight A’s in his examination. Photo Credit: @delemomoduovation
Source: Instagram

No wonder Martin Luther King Jr said:

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

This was the case of the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) Chieftain, Dele Momodu and renowned female philanthropist, President and founder of Dorian Homes, Dr Tolulola Olajibike Bayode.

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These two individuals depicted the tenets of true humanity when they took in Bankole Destiny, an 11-year-old boy wandering the streets of Oda in Akure-Ondo State and passing the night outside of a timber shade in the cold frosty nights of the ancient southwest city.

Bankole’s story out of the streams of destitute started when Dele Momodu raised the alarm about the boy’s condition in 2022.

Story of An 11 Year Old Boy Been Saved From Been Killed By His Father
Chief Dele Momodu and Dr Tolulola Olajibike Bayode played a massive role in saving the life of the 11-year-old Bakonle Destiny. Photo Credit: Dorian Home, Dele Momodu
Source: Facebook

This development got the attention of Dorian Homes, a privately owned facility in Akure, Ondo State, that specialises in helping the vulnerable child.

How 11-year-old Bankole Destiny was discovered

It was gathered that someone who got wind of Dele Momodu’s alarm about the boy called the facility, and steps were immediately made to save the boy.

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In a Whatsapp conversation with the President of Dorian Homes, Dr Bayode, He said:

“Someone from Oda called Dorian Homes and said that a boy at the timber shade has been sleeping there for the past three days; we went straight to pick him up.”

She stated that little Destiny was from a broken home with parents married to different spouses after separation and was left to cater for himself wandering the streets of Oda.

Story of An 11 Year Old Boy Been Saved From Been Killed By His Father
The Dorian Home facility where 11-year-old Bankole Destiny was taken to after he was discovered wandering the streets of Oda-Akure, Ondo State. Photo Credit: Dorian Home
Source: Facebook

Dr Bayode broke the ice when she revealed that little Destiny was threatened to be crucified by his father.

This was confirmed in the video shared by Chief Momodu on his official Instagram page.

Destiny was heard speaking in the Yoruba language, saying:

“Please, I don’t have anyone to help me. If I go to Mom’s place, she’ll chase me; if I go to my Dad’s, he also chases me.

“One day, my Dad wanted to beat me and threatened to crucify me. This made me run away from home, and my Dad has refused to send me to school.”

Bankole Destiny tops class of 36

Destiny’s courage to speak out and air his plight became the beginning of his life-changing story as Dorian Homes obtained a legal backup for custody from the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Affairs on the 1st of December, 2022.

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He was later enrolled into one of the best schools in Akure.

Months after his enrolment, Destiny began to fulfil his destiny as he came out with flying colours in his exams, topping a class of 36 pupils.

He bagged straight A’s in all his subjects, including Maths, English, Basic Science, Vocational Studies, History, Arts and others.

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