February 26, 2024
"They've Reached London": 13 Ghanaians Successfully Drive from Accra to UK and Arrive in London, Video Gains Popularity
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  • The 13 Ghanaians driving all the way from Accra to London have arrived after an incredible 16 days on the road
  • The Ghanaians set out on the journey with strong passion, and their story quickly went viral on the internet
  • On Sunday, August 6, the 13-member team, which includes 12 men and one woman, arrived in London

The 13 Ghanaian travellers driving from Accra to London, UK, have successfully arrived in the European country.

The Ghanaian tourists and explorers left their country in a quest to drive all the way from Africa to Europe, and they made it.

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The Ghanaians drove from Accra to London. Photo credit: Twitter/@edcyprian.
Source: Twitter

A video posted on Twitter by Cyprian Wealth shows when the Ghanaians arrived and waved their country’s flag in pride.

13 Ghanaians arrive London after driving 10,000km for 16 days

The journey from Accra to London spaned an incredible 10,000 kilometres, according to the drivers.

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They spent 16 days on the road on an incredible journey which has made them go viral.

There is one lady among the 13 explorers who embarked on the journey.

In an earlier interview, before they arrived in London, the team of drivers said:

“We are explorers and we are doing this for fun. We read about people driving from Europe to Ghana all the time, and we also planned to do it and we are almost there.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions from Twitter users as explorers drive from Accra to London

@yesscoco said:

“Please, I have a question. My friends and I want to replicate what you guys did. I have a Toyota vitz and my friends have Matix and Nissan Versa. Please would we be able to make the 10,000 km?”

@CudjoeOnassis commented:

“I’m not satisfied with the few videos y’all posted. We need more footage. It’s interesting to watch the driving experience.”

@ewurabenaah said:

“In sixteen days? Congrats but When is the next badge leaving, please?”

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