May 14, 2024
Three Nigerian Women Win N100k Prize on Facebook for Impersonating Tony Elumelu's Flexibility
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Three ladies who showed how flexible their bodies are have won a cash prize of N100k on Facebook. The ladies performed eye-popping and strenuous physical exercises that surprised many people.

It all started after billionaire businessman Tony Elumelu posted photos of his exercise routine on the platform.

Three Nigerian Women Win N100k Prize on Facebook for Impersonating Tony Elumelu's Flexibility
The ladies won N100k for their efforts. Photo credit: Facebook/Fidelis Ozuawala.
Source: Facebook

Fidelist Ozuawal, a Facebook user reported that he earlier emulated the excises style of Elumelu. He asked his friends and followers on the platform to emulate the businessman and win a prize of N100k.

He said:

“I organized it because it takes a lot to do what everyone else might find hard to do and people enjoys the views of what they can’t imagine is possible. From the amount of applause I got when I replicated Sir Tony Elumelu’s acrobatic posture, I figured out it’s good to also see what ladies could do.”

There were a lot of responses to his challenge as many ladies on Facebook jumped on it in a bid to win the cash prize.

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There were well over 30 entries, with many of the ladies performing challenging yoga postures that caught the attention of the public.

Fidielis Ozuawala, who organised the competition provided the list of winners

1. First position goes to Debbie Paul

The person who emerged as the winner of the yoga contest is Debbie Paul. Debbie showed interesting postures that are very hard to perform.

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Her photos attracted much attention as people described her as a star.

She will go home with the star prize of N50,000.

2. Roselinda Ngozi Ubochi

Another person who did very well in the yoga contest is Rosalinda Ngozi Ubochi.

In fact, when her photos were posted, people were surprised at just how flexible her body was.

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Her yoga postures were so attractive that some people wondered if she has bones in her body. She will go home with N30,000.

3. Anibee Naomi

Also on the list of winners is Anibee Naomi, who equally showed a lot of resilience while participating in the yoga contest.

Her postures entertained a lot of people who saw them when they were posted on Facebook.

She received many accolades and commendations from fans. She will be awarded N20,000 for her efforts.

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