February 26, 2024
TikTok User Surprises Viewers with Throwback Photo from 2004 Secondary School Days
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  • A young has stunned many TikTok users because of the transformation his body has gone through over the years
  • The young boy, identified on TikTok as Stacywiss posted a photo taken in 2004 when he was in secondary school
  • In the old photo, the young boy looked smaller and dark-skinned, but the new photo shows a grown fair-skinned man

The transformation video of a handsome young boy has gone viral and caused a stir on TikTok.

TikTok user Stacywiss posted the video to show how the boy has changed over the cause of 19 years.

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TikTok User Surprises Viewers with Throwback Photo from 2004 Secondary School Days
The young boy stunned people with his transformation photos. Photo credit: TikTok/@stacywiss.
Source: TikTok

Two photos were shown in slides in the video, which has now been liked more than 294k times by TikTok users.

The first photo was taken in 2004 when the boy was still in secondary school. He was still younger and smaller in physical stature.

But in a more recent photo taken in 2023, the boy has grown fully and looked well-fed.

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Apart from his transformed physical stature, the young boy looks very fair, unlike in the past when he was dark-skinned.

Watch the video below:




TikTok users reacts to Stacy’s transformation video

The throwback video has gone viral and drawn multiple reactions from many of Stacy’s followers. Some are trying hard to determine his current age.

@rosemaryalphonce3 said:

“From being a man to being beautiful.”

@user9976956517213 commented:

“Everyone is black before the money comes to him.”

@user54256683651728 commented:

“It’s better to shave to look gentle like in the old days.”

@khadijakhanmaleng said:

“Why have you become an Arab?”

@M said:

“You are a very handsome man.”

@Naomi commented:

“Why did you become black?”

@morena said:

“I don’t understand.”

@Kasablanka093 said:

‘The photo there really date from 2004? I doubt?”

@Stemmy.KE said:

“Lemme guess your current age is, 30 years? But you look 24.”

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